frozen popcorn chicken in cardboard box with serving cups (l) Walmart entrance with sign (c) Pilgrim's Frozen Fully Cooked Breast Popcorn Chicken item listing for $4.97 (r)

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‘You can purchase in the freezer section’: Walmart worker exposes hot bar popcorn chicken and mac and cheese

‘I’ve literally tried every little popcorn chicken trying to find them!’


Braden Bjella


Recently, much attention and acclaim has been given to Walmart’s hot food bar. At a time when restaurant prices are going up, users online are finding that Walmart’s hot food provides a welcome budget option for those still looking to dine out.

Reviewers across TikTok have claimed that the food is actually pretty good as well. One user praised the store’s $5.97 meal deal, while another heralded the chain’s 97-cent Mac and Cheese

Some of the food is so good, in fact, that internet users have tried to figure out ways to recreate it at home. According to TikTok user and Walmart worker @ambasaurus_rexx, they can do so using food available in the freezer section.

@ambasaurus_rexx Walmart popcorn chicken #walmartfood #popcornchicken #friedchicken #frozen #fried #cheaper ♬ Ooh La La – Josie Dunne

First is Walmart’s Popcorn Chicken. According to the TikToker, the Popcorn Chicken is created by a brand called Pilgrim’s, which is available in Walmart’s frozen food section. A 24 oz bag of this chicken costs $4.97, per the video.

Next up is the mac and cheese.

@ambasaurus_rexx Replying to @rylee_sage_ #macdaddy #macandcheese #beans ♬ original sound – Teebog_

Per the TikToker, the store’s mac and cheese is produced by Reser’s Fine Food. While the TikToker shows a certain type of macaroni and cheese as a purchasable alternative, it’s unclear if this is the true mac and cheese used by Walmart, as the brand offers a variety of mac and cheese products.

The worker revealed other items as well, ranging from jalapeño bites to BBQ chunks to potato wedges and more.

In the comments section, some users made requests for the sources of other items to be realized, while others simply thanked the TikToker for the tips.

“Omg! I’ve literally tried every little popcorn chicken trying to find them! my daughter loves them! thank you!!!!” exclaimed a commenter.

“Omgggg thank you for this!!!! I’ve always wondered and would keep buying different brands!!” echoed another.

More commenters just professed their love for Walmart’s hot food bar.

“Used to love working at Walmart till close then head to the deli and eat the leftovers! so good,” recalled a user.

Still, some said that cooking the food yourself just isn’t the same.

“Na they hit different inside Walmart, wouldn’t buy to make at home,” stated a commenter.

The Daily Dot reached out to @ambasaurus_rexx via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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