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‘My landlord just emailed me our gate codes and this is it LMAO’: Tenant reveals apartment gate code that she says every complex uses

‘Please only use this information for good.’


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An apartment tenant revealed a door code for an old-school apartment gate she claims reliably works on these types of gates.

“If you’re trying to break into an apartment complex pool or something this summer,” begins creator @taylorwrenmarie, garnering more than 436,000 views since it went up on June 19. The info with the TikTok claims it was recorded in downtown Austin, Texas.

@taylorwrenmarie Plz only use this information for good 😤 I’m not gonna bail any of you fools out of jail. #speed #fathersday #dad #lifehack #hotgirlsummerhack ♬ Radio – Lana Del Rey

The creator shows a door to a gate with a column of five buttons—one through five. “The code is like almost always two and four at the same time,” she says, pushing the 2 and 4 buttons simultaneously. “And then three.”

She finishes by opening the door, walking through it with her dogs, and saying, “You’re welcome.”

Commenters had thoughts on these types of gates.

“My landlord just emailed me our gate codes and this is it LMAO,” one commenter revealed.

Another shared, “That was the code for the door when i worked at subway.”

Someone else said, with crying emoji, “That was my air bnb code.”

“This was literally the code at the gym i used to work,” one commenter revealed, adding, “I’m so dead.”

One person offered an explanation, claiming, “That’s the factory code for every one of those. They’re supposed to change the code when they install them.”

“How do you know this?” someone asked the creator.

“I used to work for a really big apartment management company,” the creator responded, “and they told us that was the code for literally every pool gate at every property.”

“Someone else questioned the security of these kind of locks altogether, pointing out, “Also in a lot of places, if you can reach through the gate, you can open the door from the other side without any code/key.”

As the creator noted in her caption, “Plz only use this information for good. I’m not gonna bail any of you fools out of jail.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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