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‘Uber Eats really out here doing the shadiest sh*t’: Uber Eats customer says she was forced to pay for items she didn’t receive

‘That has happened to me so many times.’


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An UberEats customer says she was denied a refund after more than half her order was not delivered by her driver. The viral TikTok she shared with details of the experience has resonated with viewers, largely fellow UberEats customers, drawing more than 82,000 views.

In her video, @bebesitalecii says she placed a late-night order after being released from the emergency room, and was very unhappy with the way the mistake was handled by the company’s customer service team.

“I was at the E.R. I guess I had the start of a kidney infection, and that’s what’s been causing all this pain, and a sinus infection, so whoever has my fucking voodoo doll, enough,” she says in the video. “Anyways, I got back in real late, it was like 2:30 in the morning. I was hungry, I was starving and I ordered some UberEats. I barely order from UberEats, but I had a 40% off coupon, I didn’t want to drive nowhere, so I said fuck it, let me order this breakfast. It comes with eggs, hash browns, and pancakes. I paid extra for toast and I ordered some strawberry crepes. Even with the 40% off, I spent like $30 and I tipped $5.”

When her food arrived, she said it was not only cold from having been in her UberEats driver’s car for over an hour, but it was also missing the pancakes, toast, and crepes that she ordered.

“It had nothing, no utensils, no crepes, no toast, no pancakes, no nothing,” she says. “$30 I spent, for two eggs and some hash browns, because I didn’t get the rest of my food.”

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When she used UberEats’ automated customer service to report the missing items for a refund, @bebesitalecii said her order was determined to be ineligible for a refund. Unhappy with the automated response, she reached a live customer service representative, and was told essentially the same thing.

Frustrated with this response, @bebesitalecii tells the customer service representative to cancel her account because she will no longer do business with Uber Eats, to which he responds by ending the chat.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @bebesitalecii and to UberEats via email regarding the video.

Multiple viewers shared in the comment section of her video that they also had negative experiences using UberEats.

“uber eats is the worst they still owe me 7$ never got the refund doordash has always give me credit or a refund when anything is missing,” one commenter wrote.

“I had a driver tell me he “couldn’t find me” and stole my food and called me childish for reporting him and all ubereats did was refund my order,” another commenter wrote.

“Happened to me 2 days ago,” a commenter wrote. “Missing $15 worth of stuff. I order A LOT and have only had a few issues over the years. Surprised they wouldn’t refund.”

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