Shopper goes in the back of TJ Maxx to get 'hidden' items

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‘The employees hide them’: Shopper goes in the back of TJ Maxx to get ‘hidden’ items

‘I be scared to even look thru the window.’


Tiffanie Drayton


Ever went shopping, couldn’t find and item, and wondered if it was somewhere in the back of the store?

One T.J. Maxx customer went to great lengths to prove that the back rooms of stores have many sought after item. And, apparently, they are hidden there by employees.

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In a viral TikTok video with over 52,000 views, user Daniela Lopez (@deeplexx) took her viewers on a tour of a back store room at T.J. Maxx and grabbed items she couldn’t find out on the shelves.

“Went to the back myself & found the goods P.s y’all can’t find them cause employees hide them,” text overlay on the video said.

After sneaking into the store room and staking out the items stashed away there, the TikToker emerged with several items, she said her viewers have long been searching for.

“Not a fan of them, so who wants to buy?” she asked.

In the comments section, many celebrated her audacity.

“I be scared to even look thru the window,” user Larissa commented. “I pass by it 100 times to peep in there Lmaoo.”

“I need you as a shopping buddy!” another commenter added. “🤣 you go girl!”

Others, offered to buy the items.

“Hey girl I’m in the Houston area please sell me one!” user SM wrote. “I’ve been hunting for weeks.”

“The pink one 🥺,” Baedy said.

Given recent videos where store workers have admitted to ignoring customers who request they check storerooms for items, it may make sense that this TikToker took matters into her own hands when searching for things she couldn’t find on the shelves. One Walmart employee went viral after sharing a video of him taking a break instead of helping a customer look for an item that was out of stock and a Walgreens worker raked in views on a video of him doing the “Nae Nae” dance in the back instead when he was supposed to be helping a shopper.

The Daily Dot reached out to T.J. Maxx for comment via email and Daniela Lopez by TikTok comment.

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