McDonald’s manager shares things fast-food customers should never do

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‘When people ask for Fries with no salt when it’s busy AF’: McDonald’s manager shares things fast-food customers should never do

'I will never feel bad for working at McDonald's.'


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Posted on Dec 1, 2023   Updated on Dec 1, 2023, 3:28 pm CST

A McDonald’s employee sounded off on specific customer behaviors that grind her gears. Her video sparked a litany of different responses from other users on TikTok who shared some of their own pet peeves.

Shania J (@shanialovesyou0) uploaded a viral video that accrued over 308,000 views as of Friday where she went off on customers about several things she wished consumers knew when placing fast food orders.

“Things that get under my skin working fast food,” Shania starts her video. “When y’all see that we’re busy, I mean slam-packed busy and you still complain about the wait. Go somewhere else. Your order is $50 and you’re mad because you had to pull up. There’s no way in hell you thought that food was gonna be ready when you got to the next window. Pull up.”

She also says that another annoying recurring consumer trait is when patrons make their asks one by one instead of together.

“We all ask for things individually,” she says. “Can I have barbecue sauce you get the barbecue sauce. Can I have ketchup. You get the ketchup. Can I have napkins. Ask for everything together please.”

Another peeve? People who think they know how to do her job better than she does, along with those who aren’t happy with how much everything costs these days.

“And y’all tell me how to do my job. Who’s the worker you or me?” Shania continues. “And y’all complain about how much the prices are; y’all do realize we’re in 2023, right? Everything is going up, not just McDonald’s food. I’m sorry that sweet tea is $2 now. That wasn’t my idea. I don’t even drink sweet tea like that.”

Shania also didn’t seem to appreciate the shade she receives from some folks because she works in the food service industry. According to her, she has no qualms earning her living by working in fast food.

“‘Oh, you work at McDonald’s.’ OK?” she says of people trying to shame her about her job. “And you eat here. You giving us the money to keep this business running thank you. I will never feel bad for working at McDonald’s.”

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It seems that other service employees shared d their own gripes in dealing with customers who couldn’t grasp how the industry works. One TikToker shared a common occurrence she dealt with during her days as a retail employee.

“Working retail- When people ask what the price for something is when the price is literally in the back,” they wrote.

“When they tell you they have the change after you cash them out already,” another wrote.

A drive-thru worker said that they get peeved whenever customers attempt to tack items on when they’re already at the item pick-up window. “When they want to add something at the window,” they complained.

And then there was this common pet peeve, which has to do with a hack some customers try when ordering fries.

“When people ask for Fries with no salt when it’s busy AF,” they wrote.

There were other TikTok users who identified with the last part of Shania’s TikTok, with one writing, “Heavy on ‘ I will never feel bad for working at McDonald’s’ atleast you have a job babe! That’s a blessing.”

Shania’s assertion that the costs of food going up is a gripe is one many customers seem to be having. Numerous patrons who eat at popular fast food chains have posted their grievances about the massive spikes in food inflation.

She’s also not the first Mickey D’s worker to go TikTok viral for sharing their biggest gripes with customers. One employee for the Golden Arches slammed customers who asked for “fresh” food, highlighting that McDonald’s isn’t exactly gourmet cuisine.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and Shania via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 1, 2023, 4:00 pm CST