Fast-food worker shares what it feels like when customers ask for 'fresh' food

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‘The dumbest question ever asked’: McDonald’s worker slams customers who ask for ‘fresh’ food

'I hate it when they ask us to make them a fresh batch just for them.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Mar 5, 2023

A McDonald’s worker vents his frustrations over customers asking for “fresh food” in a viral TikTok.

TikTok user Mârio Scott (@cactusmvrkss) typically posts content about his job at McDonald’s for his 15,000 followers. This time, he filmed a skit involving a response he says he wishes he could tell customers whenever they demand “fresh” food.

The content creator starts off with what he claims he does say to customers.

“Hey, ma’am. Double cheeseburger, large fry?” he says. “Is my food fresh?” the customer asks, to which he responds with, “Yes, ma’am. Straight off the grease. Only for our customers.”

Then, he repeats the same scenario but this time shows how he would prefer to respond to customers.

Instead of being polite when they ask about the food being fresh, he sarcastically answers, “No, I cooked it, put it in the freezer, left it in for 12 minutes, and served it to you,” he says angrily. “Matter of fact, I left it in for 12 more minutes just to serve it to your dumbass. Dumb bitch. Take your damn food.”

@cactusmvrkss 😭😭The dumbest question ever asked #fresh #food #fastfood #work #foryoupage #mcdonalds #humor #customerservice ♬ What Happened To Virgil – Lil Durk

The Daily Dot reached out to Scott via TikTok comment and direct message regarding the video, which garnered over 140,000 views as of Mar. 5, resonating with viewers.

“I hate when people ask that shit lmaooo it’s such a pet peeve,” one viewer said.

“Makes me mad when they ask for everything fresh.. bro its fastfood its greasy and fresh,” a second agreed.

“I hate it when they ask us to make them a fresh batch just for them,” a third echoed.

However, there were some people who disagreed with the creator, stating the food is only fresh if you ask for it.

“The food dont be fresh tho experience from a worker and customer its only fresh if u ask,” one user wrote,

“Nah cause y’all let that shit sit there for a good minute to serve it to the next cause y’all lazy to drop more food down,“ a second commented.

“Y’all mfs do be giving out cold fries tho,” a third added.

Other food service workers shared their customer pet peeves in the comments section.

“Boi I wanna yell so bad when ppl ask me ‘are the spoons clean’ DO I LOOK LIKE I PICKED THEM OUT THE TRASH,” one person shared.

“‘Is everything in the bag?’ CHECK THE BAG AND YOU TELL ME,” a second remarked.

“I hate when people come through with x amount of burgers / nuggets and it’s cook to order,” a third stated.

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*First Published: Mar 5, 2023, 3:09 pm CST