Customer slams price increase of KFC's Famous Bowl and 8-piece meal

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‘It comes out to $70’: DoorDash customer slams KFC’s Famous Bowl and 8-piece meal price increase

'They charge higher prices for using the delivery apps.'


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Posted on Sep 8, 2023

A KFC customer called out the chain and DoorDash in a viral TikTok that’s garnered over 35,000 views as of Friday.

TikTok user Amanda (@thatdemonicbaker) said that upon placing an order for an 8-piece meal (which comes with two sides) and a famous bowl from the fried chicken fast-food restaurant, she was gobsmacked to see that her grand total came out to $70, not including tip.

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Amanda begins her video decrying the jacked-up prices she’s been noticing in a variety of different fast food businesses. Inflation isn’t the sole cause of the cost-hikes, the TikToker claims, but a decision from companies to see if consumers are willing to pay for items and combo meals if they were all of a sudden “$3 more expensive.”

She says that even though she’s very well acquainted with paying up the wazoo for fast food, it was her experience purchasing a Famous Bowl and 8-piece chicken meal from KFC, along with two sides, via DoorDash that made her flip her lid.

Although she was crazing just the famous bowl, Amanda says that she always feels silly ordering just one item via DoorDash as she’s getting slapped with a service charge fee anyway, and that she could have the 8-piece meal for dinner and food the following day.

However, she says after she tallied everything up on DoorDash, and all of the service/delivery fees were added to the order, she was left with an exorbitantly high number.

“It comes out to $70,” Amanda says. “So I’m like DoorDash, DoorDash, that’s not right so I go over to GrubHub, enter in everything the same, this time it’s only like $67, again, not including a tip.”

Her outrage wasn’t intense enough to influence Amanda to vote with her wallet, however, and she ended up placing the order via Grubhub and paid over $70 for a couple of fast food meals.

KFC has been called out previously for its high prices. In March 2022, another TikToker went viral after recording the drive-thru menu at a KFC location as they narrated that a 16-piece and 8 biscuits at the chain came out to $57. He said that he would much rather take his significant other out to dinner than pay those prices.

Several other TikTok users who responded to Amanda’s video said that she could’ve saved herself a considerable amount of money if she just ordered through KFC directly.

“Just order from the restaurant website they usually give free delivery,” a user wrote.

According to the restaurant’s website, an 8-piece combo meal with 2 sides from a KFC in Louisville, Kentucky comes out to $25.19, while a famous bowl is $5.79. While prices vary depending on the location, it’s not hard to imagine that Amanda would’ve saved significantly more money had she picked up the food herself.

Someone in the comments section said that when customer order their food via apps like DoorDash, menu items are upcharged.

“You should compare the app prices to the actual menu prices in person one day,” the user wrote. “You’ll notice the app increases the price like 30%. Then the fee&tip.”

It seems like they may be on to something, too—the Daily Dot tried to place an order on DoorDash for the same 8-piece meal and famous bowl and the prices were vastly different: the former item costs $30.23 on DoorDash and the latter is $6.95.

Another person wrote that the cost of the 8-piece via delivery also didn’t sound right, as they got way more bang for their buck whenever they opted to go and pick the food up themselves.

“Damn it’s like $35 for 16 pieces(chicken only) if I go get it myself,” they said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amanda via TikTok comment and KFC and DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Sep 8, 2023, 12:05 pm CDT