People think this video of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce proves relationship is PR


‘The world is a stage’: People think this video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce proves their relationship is PR

'It’s giving katniss and peeta lmao.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Feb 20, 2024

Every celebrity couple has its detractors, and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are no exception with the latest conspiracy about the duo being that they are a fake couple.

Taylor Swift fan account on TikTok swiftieblues (@swiftieblues) is one among many online accounts posting about the theory that Swift and Kelce aren’t a “real” couple. 

Two days ago the account posted a clip of the celebrity duo at the Las Vegas nightclub where the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers. “You can’t convince me that this is [real],” read the text overlay.

In the short video, Kelce is seen singing along to the music in the club. Then, as the text overlay changes to “travis: oh shit it’s time to film,” Kelce abruptly puts on sunglasses and turns to say something in Swift’s ear. 

The text overlay changes once again to say, “travis whispers: get ready they’re filming.” The video then cuts to a still image of the couple from a different angle and below them it reads, “Mission passed: Respect +.”

In their caption, swiftieblues implored users to “watch it again without reading the subtitles, and tell me your thoughts.” The video received 10 million views, with fans falling on both sides of the argument.

“I been saying it’s PR,” said one, while another agreed, “The world is a stage,”

“It’s giving katniss and peeta lmao,” joked someone else, comparing the Kelce and Swift to the fake relationship between the protagonists in the Hunger Games books and movies.

“Needed to do something quick to get the world to forget she dated matty healy,” wrote another user, suggesting that Swift’s current relationship was just a way to distract fans from the fact that she had recently been with the 1975 frontman, who’s had a history of controversial behavior

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Meanwhile, other fans defended Swift and Kelce, like one with over 2,000 likes on their comment who wrote, “Taylor Swift is absolutely NOT doing a relationship for PR bffr.”

But some didn’t even seem to care if the relationship was real or not. One person wrote, “Even if it’s real I am so sick of it all.”

The Daily Dot reached out to swiftieblues for further comment via TikTok direct message. We’ve also reached out to representatives for Swift and Kelce about the viral moment in question.

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*First Published: Feb 20, 2024, 1:25 am CST