Spirit Airlines customer says Versace, Dolce & Gabbana perfume were stolen from her bag

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‘This is why I only fly on Delta’: Spirit Airlines customer says Versace, Dolce & Gabbana perfume were stolen from her bag

‘Always always zip tie your zippers and handle all together.’


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Theft from checked bags is fairly common—and, unfortunately, there’s little that can be done to prevent it.

“The TSA report says that about 14,000 travelers a year report to the TSA that items were lost from their luggage,” says Scott T. Mueller, a baggage expert interviewed for BudgetTravel. According to Mueller, the TSA bears much of the responsibility for these losses, and airlines have observed “huge spikes in reported thefts after the TSA began inspecting bags.”

For their part, the TSA simply advises against putting expensive items like jewelry into a checked bag—likely to prevent incidents like what happened to TikTok user Chantel (@channibabii).

Items taken from bag on a Spirit Airlines flight

In a video with over 375,000 views, Chantel says, “This is why you don’t [expletive] fly Spirit.”

“They went in my bag and stole my perfumes out,” she explains. The visible perfumes include scents by Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

“This is why i only fly on delta,” she says via text overlay.

Spirit Airlines was quick to comment on the video asking to assist Chantel. “We want to look into this for you. Please DM us your flight information when you have a chance,” its account commented.

However, Chantel says that “after giving you guys all of my information you told me I had to go to the airport that does not help me.” She documented these messages in a follow-up video. According to a message she received from a Spirit representative, the airline recommended she report her missing items to local law enforcement.

Chantel isn’t alone in this experience. Back in October of last year, another TikTok user detailed how she had several items stolen from her back while flying Turkish Airlines.

What to do if someone has stolen from your bag

According to Mueller, if one finds that an item has been removed from their bag, they should begin the documentation process immediately.

“If there is a slip of paper in your bag saying that the TSA inspected it, then you should file an online claim form through the TSA website. If there’s no slip of paper, file directly with the airline instead,” Mueller states. “You should act quickly, though. Airlines generally require you to file a claim for a ‘pilfered’ item within 48 hours of landing. As a general rule, you can file over the phone.”

Mueller also advises calling “the airport’s law enforcement office at both your departure airport and your arrival airport, filing reports for stolen goods.”

In an email to the Daily Dot, a TSA spokesperson shared similar advice. “The video indicates that the perfume was in a piece of checked luggage, in which case the traveler should make a claim with the airline and notify the police at the departing airport,” the spokesperson said.

@channibabii @Spirit Airlines count your days thank God the rest of my perfumes were in my carry-on #tsatheft #tarmacworks #spiritairlines #spiritistrash #traveltiktok #travelhorrorstory ♬ original sound – Channibabii

Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments section, users shared their methods of preventing these kinds of issues.

“Use the travel size perfume bottles and keep it in your carry on,” declared a user.

“Never travel with perfume in my checked bag. Hope they give you some compensation. I also take photos of my interior just in case something goes missing,” offered another.

“Always always zip tie your zippers and handle all together,” stated a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Spirit Airlines via email and to Chantel via Instagram direct message.

Update 12:41pm CT, June 14:

In an Instagram direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, Chantel offered an update on her situation.

“[The Broward Sheriff’s Office] called me back…to tell me that basically they don’t have any updates besides the fact that Spirit is refusing to answer any questions and also is refusing to assist BSO in their attempts to investigate,” she detailed. “And, the TSA in Cartagena will not take a report; they hustled, keep passing me around and putting me on hold.”

“They told me I had to go in person to file a report,” she continued, regarding her Fort Lauderdale experience. “I have now gone to FLL 2 times—both times, Spirit customer service desk is not open or they don’t have employees…Then, when I went to baggage claim where you report your bag missing or lost, the rep told me they can only help with CURRENT flights.”

The problems didn’t stop there.

“I spoke to a Spirit supervisor and named Peter for over 30 minutes, and I even told him, like, ‘Just refund me my [bag] fees,’” she detailed. “‘That doesn’t even cover half the amount I paid for the perfume, but just refund me the bag fees and I will take that as, at least, compensation’—he told me no three times.”

The TikToker has now offered a separate resolution to the issue.

“Now, I want them to either refund me my ticket, which would refund me the money of my perfumes with my bag fees, [or] money back for my perfumes,” she declared. “I don’t want a few or flight credit or any competition with them because I don’t fly Spirit usually—and I will not be flying Spirit, especially after this situation.”

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