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‘I’m terrified of what you would have seen if you stayed longer: Worker shares why she quit hotel job after 27 minutes

‘As someone who managed a hotel for 5 years, I could NEVER imagine seeing that.’


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A user’s clip on TikTok has gone viral after sharing an incident that made her quit her hotel job after less than a half hour.

In a video with over 1.1 million views as of Friday, TikTok user @geminigemini1982 says she stayed at the job for a grand total of “27 minutes.”

“It was an executive, basically the person over the housekeepers at this specific hotel,” she recalls. From there, “three things happened” that led her to quit the job within an hour of starting.

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The problems began when she entered the initial room that the team was supposed to clean.

First, she says she observed one of the cleaning people doing a poor job tidying up the bathroom. Rather than deep cleaning the room, the cleaning person allegedly stuck a piece of tape to her hand to pick up any debris, then landed a few sprays of cleaning liquid on the rest of the bathroom.

“She said, ‘Bathroom is clean!’” the TikToker recalls. “I said, ‘Oh, sh*t.’”

Second, the TikToker says she was getting ready to change the sheets on the bed when one of the other cleaning persons told her that that wasn’t how it was done. Confused, the TikToker says she watched as the other cleaning person picked up their vacuum and proceeded to vacuum the sheets.

“[She] picked the vacuum up off the floor and vacuumed across the sheets,” the TikToker claims. “I said, ‘Oh my god. I’m going to slap the sh*t out of everybody in here.’”

The final straw was when it came time to wash the coffee cups situated next to the coffee maker. 

“She got the cups…she got a little squirt of soap, put it in the cups, and poured one cup into the other cup and rinsed them out with hot water,” the TikToker says. After a few more sprays, the cleaning person allegedly declared that the “room is clean.”

“I said, ‘Oh, OK!’” the TikToker states. “I grabbed my jacket…I put my jacket on, I walked past them, I clocked out, and I walked out the door. 27 minutes.” In the comments section, the TikToker shared that the incident occurred at a Magnuson Hotel.

Many TikTokers have made videos in the past showing just how unsanitary hotels can be. Numerous clips have gone viral after users warned against things like using hotel shampoo, utilizing the coffee machine, or even sitting on the furniture

Furthermore, a considerable number of TikTokers have documented their experiences quitting soon after being hired. One user reported quitting by their first lunch break; another quit after seeing how ‘miserable’ her co-workers looked. An additional TikToker even claimed that other employees warned her about the job on her first day, leading her to quit within 10 minutes.

In the comments section of @geminigemini1982’s video, users shared their own stories of quitting a job on their first day.

“1 hr. I worked 1 hr at Tj max,” a user said. “A kid peed on the floor, they dry mopped it up.”

“My first job at 18 lasted 15 minutes,” claimed a second. “Worked fast food lady was mad threw soda at me I fill.cup back up and threw right back then quit.”

“2hrs. I quit on break,” a third shared. “They didnt even train me. they just said get to work. like I’m supposed to know what to do.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @geminigemini1982 via TikTok comment and to Magnuson Hotels via email.

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