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‘Is this a joke?’: Viewers divided when Outback Steakhouse customer orders 6-ounce sirloin for $20

‘But the biggest mistake was getting a sirloin.’


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An Outback Steakhouse customer sparked backlash after criticizing the restaurant’s 6-ounce sirloin. She thought she stumbled on another example of restaurant “shrinkflation” but her viewers aren’t so convinced.

In the viral video that has racked up over 425,000 views as of Monday, user Alex (@alexaservestea) showed her viewers the steak and voiced her concerns about it.

“WTF Outback,” text overlaid on the clip read. “This is a $20 6oz sirloin at Outback.”

The clip got right into her review of the restaurant’s steak.

“Is this a joke?” she asked while pushing the steak around her plate with a fork. “I ordered a 6 oz sirloin you guys. This is what they gave me.”

@alexservestea Is this a joke @Outback Steakhouse #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #storytime #outback #steak #restaurant ♬ original sound – Alex Serves Tea 🍵

The steak was paired with baked mashed potatoes and broccoli.

“This is like a piece, the end of a steak,” Alexa argued.

She noted that the steak had not yet been cut and was served to her as viewers saw it.

“There’s no way,” the woman continued incredulously. “This is insanity to me.”

In the background, what appeared to be a male voice challenged her critique.

“The thickness might be doing it,” the voice argued.

Viewers are divided

In the comments section, many agreed that the steak may actually be the proper size.

“There’s 16 oz in a pound,” user Christine Martine822 wrote. “Think about the size you think 1lb of steak looks like- that’s what a 6oz sirloin looks like, yes way, all the way.”

“That’s about a 6oz steak!” user Jackstaal4 said.

“Yeah that’s about 6oz,” user Chris echoed.

Many have gone viral for pointing out examples of “shrinkflation” at restaurants and groceries. Last month, TikTok food critic Keith Lee lamented Chipotle’s smaller portion sizes and his viewers agreed with his assessment.

Another TikToker called out Panda Express for serving the same amount of protein in their “plate” and “bowl” sizes, though bows should be larger and have more meat.

A McDonald’s customer also went viral after she called out the fast food chain for its smaller Big Mac burger patty.

The Daily Dot reached out to Outback Steakhouse and Alexa via email for comment and more information.

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