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‘Jesus tips 20%’: Mom buys 100 misprint click-pens on Amazon for her server daughter

‘Cooking is my love language.’


Phil West


If you’re a server at a restaurant and you find yourself in dire need of a bunch of pens “that you don’t care if people steal,” Amazon’s got you.

That’s according to TikToker ValGal, who has racked up more than 1.6 million views than putting up a video of her unboxing an Amazon delivery of 100 “misprint” pens. The creator said her daughter had just gotten a job as a server and was in need of click pens. So, being a caring mom, she took to the internet to order pens, and the results were more hilarious than she imagined.

“I’ve already taken out some that I like,” she explains. There’s one that says “way to go” on the side, “except the thumbs up is going down,” creating an excellent thumbs-down emoji suitable for many situations servers face.

She also highlighted an “I love Mom,” and “I love Dad” pen, each with “My favorite child gave me this pen” on the backside, and one that reads, “Cooking is my love language.”

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There were two the creator kept for herself, though: A brightly-colored multi pen that she said appealed to her “’80s self,” and a multi-tool pen that included five screwdrivers and an LED light.

Commenters were impressed with the booty and had some good laughs over them.

“At first, I thought the pen said ‘I ❤️moms,’ and honestly, I would buy a pen like that,” one observed.

Another, singling out the “way to go” with the thumbs-down, declared, “It’s the pen I didn’t know I needed.”

Others reported making similar purchases, with one sharing another click pen perfect for servers: “We got some that said ‘Jesus tips 20%.’”

“We do this at my bar,” another commenter shared, “and one time the box was almost all giant white ones with a pic of an 80-year-old man with a fisherman hat on. It was so strange.”

And some seeing the video wanted their own box of questionable pens afterward. One exulted, “I need these for no reason at all!”

The creator pointed out, “You won’t need pens for a long time, so it’s great.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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