Customer tries using the bathroom at McDonald's. She can't believe what she needs to get in

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‘Have you do all that but still won’t keep their bathrooms clean’: Customer tries using restroom at McDonald’s. She can’t believe what she needs to get in

‘All public bathrooms used to have these.’


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A McDonald’s customer was surprised to discover what she needed in order to use the restaurant’s public restroom.

In a video that has amassed over 540,000 views as of Monday, user Ashley (@ashleytowing) expressed shock and surprise about what she had to do to get the bathroom door open.

“At McDonald’s,” she began in the video. “Look at their bathroom.”

The bathroom door had a sign on it that read, “Customers only. Request token from cashier.” It also had a slot where a coin could be inserted.

“They gave me a coin,” she continued. “It says bathroom token.”

The woman then demonstrated how the token system works.

She inserted the gold “restroom” coin into the door and turned a handle. The door then swung right open.

“I’m in,” she enthusiastically announced.


have you ever had to use a bathroom token to enter in to a bathroom… this was my first time !! @ROADSIDE SOLUTIONS OF SOUTH FL thought it was funny cause he didn't need a token for his door, the men's door might have been broken and didn't need a token. men break everything 🤣🤣🤣 jk

♬ original sound – ashleytows

In the comments section, some felt public restrooms should be free to use and easily accessible for everyone.

“Bathrooms should be allowed to be used whether you’re with customer or not,” user Bri said.

Others said restroom tokens and even having to pay to use public bathrooms was a popular thing.

“It reminds me of the 70’s. to go into the crapper stall it cost a dime,” one user commented. “It was in almost every big store bathrooms.”

“Actually had those in the 70s, but you had to put money in the slot,” another wrote.

Though many may find it both comical and unbelievable that a store would implement a token-based system for customers to use the bathroom, pay toilets were common in America decades ago.

Up until the 1970s, it was quite common to pay a small fee to use public bathrooms. Eventually, laws were implemented that banned pay toilets in America, but they remained common in other parts of the world.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via email and Ashley by Instagram direct message for comment.

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