former McDonald's worker shares how to make the chain's onions at home

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‘That’s how we make them at White Castle too’: Former McDonald’s worker shares how to make the chain’s onions at home

‘Might as well make your own burger at that point.’


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Posted on May 31, 2023

The Daily Dot previously wrote about a McDonald’s customer who can’t seem to get enough onions on his burger. He called out the chain for having a very definition from his of what “extra, extra, extra, extra” means.

A number of viewers defended his love for the almost microscopically minced grilled onions, with many saying there’s something about the chain’s onion offering that just hits different.

So another TikToker, Kim Stratton (@kimstratton), stitched his video with her own and showed folks how they can get the similar onions at home.

Stratton says she was previously employed with the globally recognized burger chain and gave her followers a step-by-step breakdown of how to capture that cherished, but elusive, taste.

@kimstratton #stitch with @Chris McDonald’s dupe for the onions! #mcdonaldshacks #mincedonions #delicious ♬ original sound – 🌱🌾Kim🐥🐤

First, she delineates the ingredients folks will need to pull it off. “I used to work at McDonald’s, and if you super like the McDonald’s onions, here’s what you need: minced onions, any brand,” she says, holding up a small shaker bottle of Great Value minced onions. She continues, “It doesn’t have to be Great Value. Get the expensive ones; I don’t give a fuck. Once you have that, you need some hot water. Hold on, I’m getting mine hot.”

The clip then transitions to her showing off a jar filled about halfway with water. “Once you have hot water, just go ahead and pour said minced onions into said hot water. That’s what we’re gonna do. All right, just whatever desired amount is,” she says after shaking some of the minced onions into the jar.

“You’re just gonna let that sit for 15 minutes,” she instructs. After a quick timelapse cut, she returns to finish off her McDonald’s onion-making tutorial. “All right, it’s been 15 minutes now. We’re gonna drain that shit,” she says before pouring the water into the sink, a paper towel covering the top of the jar. “We’re just gonna get as much of the water out as we can. This is exactly how it goes at McDonald’s, to be honest. Now you have your whole little-a** jar of deliciousness, enjoy.”

The end of the video shows the bell jar filled with the re-hydrated minced onions. For some reason, her clip seemed to anger some folks, who argued that the point of going to McDonald’s is “so you don’t have to do this sh*t.”

“Why should he do that. How freaking hard is it to put extra extra extra onions on a burger for the customer,” one questioned.

One user speculated why people were so pressed about woman’s video. “People are just mad that they’ve loved dehydrated onions this whole time,” they said.

Another individual remarked that other fast-food chains employ the same preparation method prior to topping its burgers with onions. “Thats how we make them at white castle too,” they wrote.

So does McDonald’s use dehydrated onions in its burgers? This post from Mashed seems to confirm Stratton’s claim.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and Stratton via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 31, 2023, 5:57 pm CDT