Guy Asked for Extra Onions and Worker Said Did I put too much?

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‘Did we put too many.. or not enough?’: Viewers defend McDonald’s customer who asks for ‘extra, extra, extra’ onions

‘Next time ask for NO onions. Guaranteed they will put extra extra onions on it.’


Jack Alban


The motto “have it your way” may belong to McDonald’s rival, but that doesn’t mean that Mickey D’s patrons aren’t able to get their meals customized to their liking.

And with the cost of food increasing significantly in the United States in recent years, it’s easier to understand why someone would be miffed if their order wasn’t made to their liking.

However, a recent TikToker’s post about the dearth of onions on his McDouble burger has sparked a viral debate on the popular social media platform, with some viewers who think that he’s being too demanding of the fast casual chain, and others remarking that he has every right to be upset.

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TikTok user Chris (@kingskid80) says in the video, “I went to McDonald’s, and as always I order a McDouble with extra, extra, extra, extra onions and I tell ’em you can even put a handful of onions and it won’t be too many. So I decided to check it before I left the drive-thru, and when I opened it, I showed the guy and I said is this extra, extra, extra onions? And he said, did we put too many? And I said really? And he said or not enough? When I say extra onions I’m talking…,” he then places a small cup’s worth of minced onions on the underside of one of the burger buns. “…extra onions,” he says to close out the video.

One viewer who saw the clip quipped that he would need to engage in a bit of reverse psychology in order to get the correct order next time he visited McDonald’s: “Next time ask for NO onions. Guaranteed they will put extra extra onions on it.”

Another TikToker said that they work in the food service industry and that whenever a customer asks for extra of any ingredient, they tend to overcompensate: “I work fast food, and everytime I hear someone order xxtra anything I go ask them and make sure they’re ready to commit to what I’m about to create.”

Which is a serving philosophy another fast food worker said they embrace as well: “If I saw 5x extra you getting the whole container of onions.”

However, another person seemed to have the same experience whenever they placed a fast food order and asked for additional servings of a specific ingredient: “I alwayssssss order extra pickles and half the time i get no pickles.”

Another commenter didn’t seem to appreciate the ire Chris had toward McDonald’s staff for not acknowledging his extra onions request: “you’re my new mortal enemy man”

While someone else thought he was being as pedantic as a maligned cartoon villain: “Boy bubble bass over there w the onions ,,”

It appears that Chris’ onion fiasco differed greatly from this customer’s request for more pickles when they visited Mickey D’s, as their chain handed them an entire cup filled with the condiment.

The Daily Dot has reached out Chris via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via email for further information.

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