McDonald’s customer says worker asked her to pay for car in front of her

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‘McDonalds has lost their mind’: McDonald’s customer says worker asked her to pay for car in front of her

‘The car in front of you paid for yours, so you’re paying for theirs.’


Jack Alban


Many employees claim that the “pay-it-forward” trend is the bane of their workplace existence. But one McDonald’s customer recently experienced a reverse pay-it-forward phenomenon, when she had her order switched with the car in front of her, and then was asked to pay for the other customer’s meal.

TikToker Jordan Reynolds Bailey (eyenerd87) explained the situation in a video that’s received over 377,000 views.

@eyenerd87 McDonalds has lost their mind 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #fastfood #mcdonalds #crazystories ♬ original sound – Jordan Reynolds Bailey

“So I just went through McDonald’s and I ordered food for myself, my son, and my husband,” the TikToker says. “And I get to the window and the lady’s like did you order three kids meals and a couple of other things and I’m like no I ordered one kids meal and like three sandwiches. So anyway she’s like uh-oh and she closed the window.”

The problem, the customer says, was that the McDonald’s worker charged the car in front of Jordan’s for her meal. When they realized the mistake, they wanted Jordan to pay for the other car’s order, even though Jordan’s order total was $8 less.

“So she opens the window up and she was like the total’s $25 something and I’m like you just told me it was $17 something when I ordered my food. And she’s like yeah but the car in front of you paid for yours, so you’re paying for theirs. And I’m like no, I didn’t order that food nor am I getting that food, so I’ll pay for the food that I ordered,” the TikToker recounts.

Eventually a manager had to be called to fix the order so Jordan could pay for her own food. As she noted in the caption of her video, “McDonalds has lost their mind.”

A number of viewers shared the customer’s incredulity at the fact that the McDonald’s worker asked her to pay for the other car’s meal.

“I was a restaurant manager for 20 years and this is the first time I ever heard that. And believe me we have had cashiers collect on the wrong order,” wrote one person.

“The way she said it so nonchalantly like it’s something u should just be ok with,” another exclaimed.

“Ummm no I’m not paying for your mistake. That happens because they mark orders served to pad their numbers for corporate!! Has happened to me,” a third said.

Other viewers urged the McDonald’s drive-thru customer to get a receipt for every order to ensure that she didn’t end up paying for another car’s food.

“They always try to not give a receipt too, get that receipt,” one person urged.

Another claimed that their recent frustrations with the fast food chain had them considering swearing off the establishment forever.

“I had to explain to three different people this morning that I wanted a bacon, egg and cheese McMuffin. I was so angry by the time I left,” they vented.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via email and Jordan via TikTok comment for further information.

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