Manager rethinks promotion after realizing she now works 7 days a week


‘I thought being a manager would be fun’: Manager rethinks position now that she works 7 days a week because workers keep calling off

'I can't call off because there's no one to cover me.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on May 20, 2023

While taking on additional responsibilities at work can boost one’s position, they can also yield unexpected consequences. One manager at a trampoline park learned this the hard way after she realized she was working seven days a week.

A video sharing the candid experience of one manager at Launchpad Trampoline Park in Westover, West Virginia has drawn over 2 million views on TikTok. In the clip, the TikToker shares that she has to close and open every day to cover for employees who call in—but there is no one to cover for her.

@launchpadtrampolinepark Now accepting applications on indeed 🫠🤪 #kiddingnotkidding #launchpadwv ♬ original sound – ⭐️Helene⭐️

“When I thought being a manager would be fun but now I open & close 7 days a week because people call off but I can’t call off because there’s no one to cover for me,” a text overlay reads on the video.

The account features multiple videos of employees sharing jokes and candid thoughts about their jobs, with another employee pairing an audio of a child saying, “Thanks a lot, you idiot,” with a text overlay reading, “POV you see your scheduled to work at 8 a.m.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @launchpadtrampolinepark via TikTok direct message regarding the video.

Some viewers commiserated with the young woman, writing about having to cover so many shifts for others, but not having coverage for themselves.

“As a manager, one of my employees reported me because she found out I had 120 OT hours,” one commenter wrote. “But she doesn’t like to cover shifts when asked.”

“Been there,” another viewer said. “Make sure to take time to yourself and eventually just quit and be a manager at a different store with better hours.”

“I managed a group home for awhile and was working 7am-10pm every single day for months straight cos ain’t no one wanted to work,” one user shared.

Others felt it was on the company to offer higher pay or hire more people so that the shifts can be covered.

“I be callin out when we short staffed and don’t be feelin bad,” one wrote. “Not my fault u cant hire more people to cover my shift.”

“If no one can cover that’s on the company not being staffed properly, will always call out when I need to,” another user claimed.

“Oh yeah we gonna call out,” a commenter wrote. “Folks got things to do outside that job.”

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*First Published: May 20, 2023, 2:23 pm CDT