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‘It’s always the old people that are the meanest’: Lululemon worker calls out shoppers who ignore his greeting

'I think everyone should work in retail and in the food industry bc people truly are TERRIBLE.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Sep 5, 2023

Folks working in service positions such as bank tellers, cashiers, and servers have shared many anecdotes of good and bad interactions with co-workers, bosses, and customers on TikTok.

One Lululemon employee has taken to the platform to call out customers for being rude, along with other things that he finds frustrating as a cashier.

In the video posted by Corey Jones (@ccoreyjoness), he tells viewers that the first thing that ticks him off is when customers ignore his greeting at the register.

“So I just clocked out, and you want to know one thing that p*sses retail workers off?” he says in the video. “I hate it when rude people come to my cash register, I say, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and all you do is (silent). Like can you please say hello?”

Jones adds that customers’ interjections about issues ringing up items also tick him off.

“Also, don’t tell me how to do my job,” he says. “If I ring something up and it’s the wrong price, and I see it’s the wrong price, just give me a second. Give me a little minute to change the price. Don’t tell me what to do. And just remember, I’m human too, so if I make a mistake, just breathe. Like, inhale, exhale. I don’t mean to project on you guys but it’s just so hard here, I want to go home.”

Jones captioned his video clarifying that he loves his job but finds that customers occupy two extremes on a spectrum of behaviors.

“Retail is so hard, and guests can be either really nice or really mean…no in between!” he wrote. “Love my job though.”

The Daily Dot has reached out Lululemon directly via email, and to Jones via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

Some viewers shared that they agreed with the TikToker’s take that it was rude to ignore him, while others struggled with the idea of ignoring someone who is greeting them.

“When all of the teenage girls walk in and you’re on dophie, you say hi and they glare,” one commenter wrote. “pisses me off every time.”

“Idk how ppl can ignore when someone is greeting them that has always been weird to me,” another said.

“Or when they walk in and you are greeting them and they completely ignore you,” a third added. “Also definitely with the price changing, like we see it too, hold up!”

Others shared some of their own experiences with customers.

“I started just saying ‘hi how are you?’ really loudly after they ignore me the first time… like come on im a human too,” one user commented.

“When they insist they know how you have the clothes hung and then hang it wrong and put it back in the wrong spot… eye? TWITCHES.” another commented.

“Omg when ur actively trying to fix a wrong price or something and they flip bc ur taking 30 seconds like babe i’m a 19 year old girl can u calm down,” a further user shared.

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*First Published: Sep 5, 2023, 11:51 am CDT