Ex-corporate worker says the only way to get back at someone in the office is to be a snitch.

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‘Couldn’t agree more’: Ex-corporate worker says the only way to get back at someone in the office is to be a snitch. Here’s why

'How do you ruin someone's life, but like in a corporate way?'


Phil West


Posted on Dec 31, 2023

An ex-corporate worker advocated “being a snitch” in situations where it becomes necessary to put a bad co-worker in their place.

The advice came from TikTok creator Mem (@marshymacc), getting more than 87,000 views on a video she posted to her modestly-trafficked account on Friday. In it, she begins with a stitch from another creator who asked, “How do you ruin someone’s life, but like in a corporate way?”

She provided her answer, “You become a snitch.” She then elaborated, “I don’t care if you’ve never been a snitch a day in your life. To get back at someone in corporate, be a snitch.”

She then launched into a story about a marketing assistant who used to have the job that the creator acquired, who sat behind the creator in the office. She was annoyed with this co-worker, assessing, “She literally made my life a living hell for a solid year.” She finally found an opportunity to get back at her while their boss was out on vacation.

“She made this like weird comment to another employee about how she was keeping a list of everything that our boss was doing incorrectly,” Mem reported. “And she was going to take that list and talk to her about it.”

Finding this a bit odd, she became a snitch, emailing the boss to request a meeting with her when she returned. After she reported what the co-worker was aiming to do, she recalled, “She got her moved immediately. And you know what, my life was really great up until I left that job. It was great. And I never regretted that.”

“And the other girl that got moved, the demon … she was like so upset that she had to move but she like tried to act like she wasn’t,” the creator added. “She really got moved to a closet, like her desk and everything.”

“So you know,” she added, “just be a snitch.”

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A few commenters shared similar experiences.

Someone else agreed with the advice with an emphatic all-caps “YES,” clarifying, “I snitched to hr and my assistant manager was fired and lost his 20year pension.”

Another commenter observed, “Went through the same thing at a chain restaurant.”

“I’ve called OSHA, State dept, Health Dept, Board of Labor, and even the news,” boasted one. “I snitch.”

One commenter said, “HR here. Can confirm. Snitching works unless the top brass are POS too.”

But another clapped back with, “Snitches end up in ditches. No one likes you, Karen.”

Several adored the details about the bad co-worker getting moved, with one noting, “I just cackled at the closet.”

Another noted that something else might actually be in operation here, and approved. “I don’t think this was snitching,” that person observed. “I think you squashed her. You saw someone who was a potential treat to your career, and you squashed her. ITS A GOOD MOVE!”

One questioned the creator’s methods, pointing out, “Well you could’ve also confronted her directly and not be so passive.”

But the creator responded, “I talked to her multiple times about the way she treated me. Never did any good. If anything, it got worse.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2023, 6:05 pm CST