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‘I’m like damn that juice looks good asf. Then you said Bath and Body Works’: Customer shares hack for free soap. Here’s how to get it

'I'm obsessed with this.'


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Posted on Aug 3, 2023   Updated on Aug 3, 2023, 2:16 am CDT

In this economy, it’s important to find ways to lower your household expenses and one TikToker recently went viral after showing users how to get free containers of Bath and Body Works soap.

The video from user Stephanienicole711 (@Stephanienicole711) has been viewed over 697,000 times and received over 33,000 likes.

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In the clip, Stephanie films her recent purchase from Bath and Body Works and explains her hack: “If you have free item coupons up to $16.50, this is the best bang for your buck.” 

“They just got these,” she continues as she holds up three different cartons of Hand Soap Refills. “They are less than $14, so you can actually get them [for] free with your rewards coupons.”

The 32-ounce cartons of Bath and Body Works soap come in various unique scents, like White Tea Sage and Black Cherry Merlot, and can refill an average soap dispenser more than three times. 

“I’m obsessed with this,” she concludes. 

Users flooded the comments section with questions about the Bath and Body Works coupon, as well as shopping tips of their own.

“I definitely thought those cartons were gonna be at least $20,” wrote one user about the deal, to which the creator responded, saying, “RIGHT?!? and it’s supposed to refill your soap bottles 3.5 times.”

“It also works on their $16.50 shampoo, which I have gotten two [of], and that’s the limit on the coupon, which is cool! The shampoo is so amazing too!” one shared. 

“What did your coupon look like in the app?” another user asked about the Bath and Body Works coupon.

“It would be a reward, in your wallet on the app under rewards,” another replied. 

As inflation continues to remain high, coupon-hunting and signing up for rewards programs are some of the easiest ways for consumers to pinch pennies. Some people even go so far as to create several email accounts to capitalize on first-time purchaser discounts.

The Daily Dot reached out to Stephanie via TikTok comments and to Bath and Body Works via email for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 3, 2023, 2:15 am CDT