Server quits new job on first day after she was tricked into hosting


‘Hosting is for highschoolers lmao’: Server quits new job on first day after she was tricked into hosting

‘Literally every restaurant tries to trick new employees like this.’


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A woman quit her job three hours into training after realizing they wanted her to do a role she didn’t sign up for.

TikToker Madeline (@madelinesbuttrerfly) had previously posted a video sharing to followers that she was starting a new serving job at a restaurant that week. The follow-up video letting people know how it went, however, is doing much greater numbers than she normally gets, drawing more than 173,000 views in just a single day.

“If you’re wondering how my first day went … I walked out of that b*tch,” she explained to kick off the video.

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Madeline explained that she was hired to be a waitress at a restaurant and told to go in Thursday at 4 p.m. for training. But, they flipped the script on her when she got to the establishment; she quickly realized that she was being trained as a hostess and not a server.

According to Indeed, hosts usually make a higher base pay compared to servers but rarely get any tips. Servers generally make a lower set hourly rate but are commonly tipped.

While a server waits on tables, takes customer orders, and brings out food and drinks, a hostess greets incoming guests, alerts them when their table is ready, and often walks them to their table.

“I’m not a hostess and I don’t fucking check people out at gift shops. I make martinis, and I make money and I serve b*tches,” Madeline said.

She ended up leaving three hours into training.

“I said, ‘Imma just run my bag out to my car real quick.’ And then I started my f*cking car,” Madeline said, concluding the TikTok.

She was originally going to walk out of her training shift at 6 p.m. but said she didn’t see her “moment” until 7 p.m.

“I dont really NEED another job right now but want a another serving job not a front end clerk,” Madeline wrote in her caption.

She also asserted in the comments section, “I’m not a high schooler,” implying that hosting gigs are for younger people.

Several commenters shared that they’ve had similar experiences.

“Literally every restaurant tries to trick new employees like this,” the second most popular comment read.

“i walked out in an hour at burger king,” another noted, “cuz they put me as a cashier when i was supposed to be a cook yea goodbye no ty.”

Someone else revealed, “I got hired as a bartender and they tried to train me to serve. Drove home on my 15min break and blocked all the managers numbers lmao.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Madeline via TikTok comment.

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