Worker shares what to do when you think people are gossiping about you in another language


‘I do this at the nail shop’: Worker shares what to do when you think people are gossiping about you in another language

‘I do this at the nail shop’


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 23, 2023

A worker on TikTok shared a piece of advice when you suspect co-workers are gossiping about you in another language.

The video features TikTok user Nicole (@ncolalexandria), who tells her 36,000 followers how to deal with this issue. “Learn how to say these two words in whatever language it is: ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Go ahead,’” she said.

Once you’ve learned these words, Nicole recommends approaching them and telling them, “Excuse me,” in that language. “Don’t give them enough time to ask no other questions,” she explained. “You just take that thing and you go.”

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However, this can be applied in different situations, for example, “If they’re walking and they’re trying to pass, you learn how to say, ‘go ahead’ in that language and then go on about your business.” She says she recommends this method because most people can say “simple stuff” in a different language, but fewer know those key phrases. “Ambiguity is key,” she concludes.

The video has accumulated more than 37,000 views since Nicole posted it on Sept. 10. In the comments, many viewers agreed with Nicole’s tactic.

“I have done this, it definitely works,” one viewer wrote.

“giiiiiirl I’ve been doing that for years. in nyc it teaches you to do this to confuse people. you’re absolutely correct,” a second user commented.

“I do this at the nail shop. I learned my numbers, so I wait to say it when I pick my polish color. Talk about complete silence!!!” another viewer shared.

“Yup. I was not nerves walking around Honduras. I kept reading signs and saying phrases. The tour guides were like oh you know Spanish yes,” a user wrote.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, Nicole said she’s never employed this herself in a workplace. However, before she knew Spanish well, Nicole used this method in Spanish-speaking countries when she caught people “stealing glances” at her.

“I just started doing when out and about in the street when I heard anyone speaking Spanish or Italian, two languages I know,” she shared via TikTok DM. “At first, it was just out of habit. I’d hear people speaking Italian or Spanish so if I’m passing by them I’ll say ‘permesso’ or ‘con permiso’ like ‘excuse me’ and their responses always seemed surprised that I knew the language.”

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*First Published: Sep 23, 2023, 9:10 pm CDT