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‘That’s why they say hand wash only’: Driver takes glitter wrapped Cadillac to touchless car wash. It backfires

‘It’s giving apocalyptic Barbie.’


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For those looking to change up the look of their car—or those seeking a bolder, more involved design—a wrap may be the perfect answer for their issue.

“Wraps are fairly durable and they’re quick, easy ways to change the look of your car,” writes Ronald Montoya for Edmunds. “With good care, a wrap can last about five years, at which time you can switch to a new color or design or revert back to the original paint job.”

Wraps have other benefits beyond aesthetics. They can protect a car’s paint job, be used for marketing purposes, and more.

However, some of the more daring wraps can cause issues, as one TikTok user recently learned.

Taking a wrapped car through a car wash

In a video with over 1.6 million views, TikTok user Janae Quick (@janaequick) shows a Cadillac Escalade that has been covered in a glitter wrap. Some parts of the wrap have been significantly discolored.

“I went through my first touchless car wash with my glitter wrap,” she explains. “My last one, I didn’t have this issue, but this one, it looks fine in the sun, but something happened.”

She goes on to say that she’s only had this wrap for about two weeks. 

@janaequick I didn’t have this issue with my last glitter wrap! #help #carwrap #carsoftiktok😈 #carwash #fail ♬ original sound – Janae Quick

Commenters were quick to tell her that she was more than likely not supposed to have washed the car wrap.

“When I had my Mercedes wrapped, they said never to go through a car wash you have to use special soap and only to hand wash,” wrote a user.

“That glitter wrap cannot be washed,” added another. “So now your only option is to get it re-wrapped.”

While some commenters criticized Quick for taking her wrapped car to a car wash in the first place, she noted that she was able to do so with her previous car that was also wrapped in glitter. Additionally, some glitter car wraps on the market advertise that they are able to be washed.

However, as Quick explains in a follow-up video, her wrap was not among those wrap brands—and so, she will need to get the car re-wrapped.

@janaequick Replying to @Polina Guimaraes 😭😭 #carwrap #escalade #glitter #carsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Janae Quick

The wrap needs to be replaced

To start, she says she tried other cleaning products to resolve the issue, but they only made things worse.

As a result, she says she sent a picture to the manufacturer to figure out what went wrong. It was at this moment that she was met with some bad news, she recalls.

“They said we usually give a disclaimer that when you wash the car the silver comes off and they did not tell us,” she states.

Thankfully, the company offered to rewrap the car. While Quick is happy the situation is being resolved, she says she still feels “a little bummed,” as the new wrap will take some time and she “was hoping to have this for at least the summer—you know, summer sun, sparkle.”

That said, some commenters were content with the car’s current state.

“I mean, it’s kind of cool looking like you did it on purpose. I’d roll with it,” said a user.

“I would 100% buy it like that,” offered a second. “it’s so unusual and I at least think that’s dope.”

“It’s giving apocalyptic Barbie,” declared a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Quick via TikTok comment and direct message.

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