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Jojo Siwa reveals new Tesla car wrap inspired by ‘Karma’ on TikTok

The ‘Karma’ singer is taking her promotion tour on the road.


Mike Hadge

Pop Culture

Jojo Siwa knows how to promote herself, her rebrand, and especially her song “Karma.”  Whether she’s making the talk show rounds or encouraging others to sing-along during a sloshy birthday celebration at Epcot, Jojo KnowKnows. (Nobody steal that slogan. It’s MINE!)

Well, if you were driving around the streets of Los Angeles over the last couple months, you may have been further encouraged to listen to “Karma” by a passing vehicle. Perhaps THIS passing vehicle: 



♬ Karma – JoJo Siwa

In late March, Jojo took to TikTok to film her real-time reaction to a wrap on her car themed to “Karma.” 

She continued, “My reaction to my new car wrap…the CARma.” Yeah, I mean what else do you call that? The design features countless overlaid images of Siwa’s face through the years, along with her name printed in giant letters on the side. On the bumper? “Karma’s a Bitch.”

“It’s insane.” Agreed, Jojo, agreed! No word on if the car wrap is available for us all to get or if this was an exclusive, one-time thing. Come on Jojo, don’t bogart all that road rizz.  

Who can truly say if such a promotional tactic worked for Jojo though? Unrelated, I have a sudden urge to listen to “Karma”…for the rest of my days.

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