Former tech worker explains she has to Uber to job at Walmart after getting laid off

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‘It wasn’t the worst job I’ve ever had’: Former tech worker has to Uber to job at Walmart after getting laid off

‘Applied to 100 full-time jobs and no luck.’


Braden Bjella


Earlier this year, news of tech layoffs swept the country—and many laid-off workers took to TikTok to share their stories. 

Some recounted experiences of being laid off while on vacation. Others noted that they only found out they were laid off when their computers suddenly stopped working. Further users shared tales from the workplaces themselves, with one user virally claiming that she made 6 figures to “do nothing” while working at Meta.

One of those stories came from TikTok user @tranquilityalways, who found out she was laid off on her birthday. Since then, she’s been documenting her experience searching for work on her TikTok page.

Recently, she announced that she had begun working at Walmart in order to make ends meet. However, as she doesn’t have a car, she took an Uber to her first day on the job, noting that she planned on using public transportation to get there in the future.

@tranquilityalways A day in my life working at Walmart and why I quit #vlog #layoffs #layoff #laidoff #unemployed #dayinmylifevlog #dayinmylife #masslayoffs #minivlog ♬ original sound – tranquilityalways

“It wasn’t the worst job I’ve ever had,” she says of her first day. “I’m trying to remain positive and make light of the situation.”

While the TikToker’s attitude remained positive, she eventually decided to leave the job after 3 days of work.

“In all seriousness, the job was not that bad, but there were a lot of different factors that went into my decision,” she explains in a follow-up video.

@tranquilityalways A day in my life working at Walmart and why I quit #vlog #layoffs #layoff #laidoff #unemployed #dayinmylifevlog #dayinmylife #masslayoffs #minivlog ♬ original sound – tranquilityalways

She offers several reasons as to why she left the job so quickly.

First, the distance to the store, as well as inadequate public transit, meant that utilizing the bus was impractical. 

Next, she applied for a certain position but was placed in a different position that wasn’t to her liking.

Finally, “things lined up for [her] unexpectedly,” meaning that she suddenly has enough money to pay rent and can spend her time pursuing opportunities better suited to her interests.

“I have job interviews lined up for positions I really want, so I’m hoping things fall into place for me,” she details before noting that all of her Walmart co-workers were “really kind.”

In the comments section, users shared their job search experiences.

“Hate the job I just got, but won’t leave cause it took me 7 months to land one after a lay off and it pays more than I made before,” explained a commenter. “best of luck.”

“I’m working a part time job $16 hrs 26 hours a week,” offered another. “applied to 100 full time jobs and no luck.”

“I’ve been applying to wfh jobs for months since I don’t have a car and gotten so many rejections,” stated a third. “it’s insane.”

We’ve reached out to @tranquilityalways via email.

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