Man says family begs him to bring his ‘famous’ mac and cheese for potluck. It’s from Costco

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‘Gotta keep the formula hidden’: Man says family begs him to bring his ‘famous’ mac and cheese for potluck. It’s from Costco

'We have the same secret recipe.'


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Posted on Nov 23, 2023   Updated on Nov 24, 2023, 9:37 am CST

As family and friends gather for today’s holiday feasting, a lot of signature dishes will grace the Thanksgiving table. Many will be family traditions with recipes handed down for generations.

But not this one.

TikToker and comedian Jesus (@jparra6_) just confessed that his “famous” side dish of mac and cheese hides a secret and it’s not an ingredient. According to a video posted to his account yesterday, the gooey pasta goodness wasn’t “made” in his kitchen—he just warmed it up after picking up the tray at Costco.

Jesus’ confessional has already picked up 1.6 million views and counting and if the comments it inspired are true he’s not the only one pulling a fast one this Turkey Day.

The video’s caption reads, “Gotta keep the formula hidden like the krabby patty….” a reference to the signature entree at Spongebob Sqaurepants‘ Krusty Krab diner. In it, Jesus steps guiltily away from the shelves in an unidentified Costco carrying several trays of what appears to be the big box retailer’s Kirkland Signature Mac and Cheese.

“POV: When they ask me to bring my famous mac and cheese for Thanksgiving …” declares the screen text.

Jesus isn’t alone. Several commenters fessed up to using the store-bought side at their own festivities.

“Funny, that’s also where I make my famous mac and cheese,” wrote Rollo (@rollo).

“Haha we have the same secret recipe. I just add bread crumbs on top pf mine,” another viewer confessed.

“I take it home add spices and more cheese and put it in another container,” another offered.

Several viewers noted that Costco wasn’t just for mad and cheese alone.

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“How bout them scalloped potatoes on the bottom so good,” Lenaeee (@shortcakee98) wrote.

“Been trying to tell people don’t sleep on the scallops!” Jesus responded.

Another asked if Jesus was altering the recipe at all, writing “I just bought scalloped potatoes! Are they good cooking as is or do you add anything additional?”

Jesus replied, “Throw them bad boys in the oven and let them do the magic!”

As it turns out, Jesus is getting some pretty good mac for his buck, not to mention saving a lot of time in the kitchen. According to dietitian Summer Yule, writing for her food blog, “Costco Mac and Cheese (AKA Kirkland Signature Macaroni and Cheese) is hard not to love! It’s easy to make, perfectly creamy, and topped with delicious cheddar cheese.”

Unfortunately, Costco is closed on Thanksgiving—but you can still use this hack. Christmas Dinner is only a month away.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jesus via email for further comment. He responded, “The idea came from my wife and I. We realized that cooking for our huge Hispanic family can be a hassle, so why not make it a little easier with some help from our friends at Costco!” 

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2023, 8:00 am CST