Delta customer calls out airline for deplaning TSA 'nightmare'

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‘I used to work for an airline. This is not as uncommon as you think’: Delta customer calls out airline for deplaning TSA ‘nightmare’

‘This is not as uncommon as you think’


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A TikToker shared his frustrating experience with Delta Air Lines after he and other passengers were deplaned and forced to wait multiple hours due to a security breach.

The video was posted by TikTok user @ginjaninja541 on Oct. 23 and it details the ordeal that he claims lasted multiple hours. The video has since accumulated over 222,900 views.

In the video, he showed footage of himself and other passengers walking through the airport, escorted by Delta and Transportation Security Administration staff. He narrated: “Well guys, this is the time that we got to go into the restricted part of the airport that nobody’s supposed to go,”

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The TikToker claims that, after they went through customs and checked their bags, they got on a bus that took them to the wrong plane three times. When they finally got on the right plane, they realized that no one else was being allowed on board and that there was a problem.

“They’re running around frantic. And we’re just sitting there for like an hour,” he said. “So you know, finally somebody gets out and they say, ‘Hey, listen, we have a problem.’ No sh*t, Sherlock.”

According to the TikToker, the plane came from Canada, and it was therefore due for a security sweep, which hadn’t been done.

He alleges that they were then taken off the plane and put on another bus where they had to stay for “an hour and a half” without being able to use the bathroom or get off, because they were deemed “security compromised.” Reportedly, the Delta staff’s solution was for all passengers who boarded the plane to be taken back to go through TSA again.

However, this created new problems, @ginjaninja541 said. “Some people didn’t have their IDs, because they checked some of the carry-on bags. And people’s IDs were in those carry-on bags. So it took two hours for some of these people to get back through TSA,” he said.

But even that wasn’t the last hurdle. The TikToker claims that they eventually boarded the plane again, only to find out that the airport they were heading to was closed, and that they had to wait another three and a half hours before finally taking off.

The video has sparked outrage and disbelief among viewers, who commented on the bizarre situation.

“This must’ve been the security issue I heard happened earlier this week at SeaTac… sorry this happened to you,” one commenter said.

“yet another great reason I stopped flying,” a second added.

“Never ever ever leave your ID in any bag that doesn’t stay with you,” a third commenter advised.

“Who checks their ID? Always always carry you ID,” another echoed.

A commenter claiming to be a former airline employee revealed, “This is not as uncommon as you think but most have a plan for that. I know we did!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @ginjaninja541 via TikTok comment, Delta Air Lines via media contact form, and TSA via press email for comment.

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