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‘It’s the exact same product just marked up’: CVS shopper exposes melatonin ‘scam’

‘You’ll discover this with a lot of them!’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok is calling out CVS after discovering what he dubs a “scam.”

In a video with over 212,000 views, TikTok user and television personality Preston Konrad (@prestonkonrad) shows two bottles of melatonin gummies sold at CVS. One is marked as having 5mg of melatonin, while another is marked as having 10mg.

“This is 5mg for $24, 10mg for $26,” he explains. “On the 10mg, the serving size is two gummies. That means each one is 5mg. The serving size on [the 5mg bottle] is one gummy, so each gummy is 5mg.”

“Am I wrong, or is that the same?” he asks. “It’s the exact same product, just marked up…this is a scam.”

@prestonkonrad Not me trying to do basic math lol, capitalism at its finest! These melatonin gummies slap tho #cvs #melatonin #scammeralert ♬ original sound – prestonkonrad

Even with this deception, Konrad claims that the melatonin gummies are “the best.”

Commenters were quick to share their similar stories of grocery trickery.

“Many years ago..McDs had 4 nuggets for $1 on dollar menu and 10 nuggets for $3 on regular menu,” recalled a user. “Ordered 3 from $ menu and got 12.”

“Not just CVS.. At Kinney Drugs, a regional pharmacy. 1 bottle of vit D3 was marked 2000 IU, 1 1000,” stated another. “Serving size of 2 and 1 respectively.”

“My reg sleep aid is 25mg/take two. my ‘extra strength’ is 50mg/take 1,” said a third.

Others noted that issues like these are among the reasons why shoppers should always check the weights and measurements of grocery items. 

“I will linger in the isles & compare most products by volume & serving — you’ll discover this with a lot of them!” detailed a commenter. “I just can’t help myself now.”

“I’ve been comparing labels/servings/prices for years,” noted a second. “I use the calculator on my phone all the time for everything.”

The Daily Dot reached out to CVS and Konrad via email.

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