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‘So they charged y’all and they didn’t give y’all the food?’: McDonald’s customer says worker refused to serve husband because they ‘don’t like cops’

'That's not a funny joke.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on May 14, 2024   Updated on May 14, 2024, 2:57 pm CDT

A parent’s attempt to grab a quick meal for their kids at McDonald’s took a confusing turn that led to a later confrontation.

Hannah (@hanzcakess) took to TikTok last week to explain that her husband recently took their two young daughters to McDonald’s to grab some food while she was at a yoga class. When he tried to pay for their meal in the drive-thru, his card was declined—despite, she says, having money on it.

“We have the supporting cops card,” Hannah notes, “The little blue line card. Because we have so many friends and family in law enforcement.”

Allegedly, when her husband asked the employee to try the card again, she informed him it was declined again. Then the worker added, “It must be because we don’t like cops.”

With two kids in the car, Hannah says her husband didn’t want to say anything or get into an argument, so he just let it go. However, when he checked the account balance later, he told her the card had been charged after all—not the $17 the food would have cost, but, confusingly, $12.

Frustrated with her husband’s account of the events, Hannah went down to McDonald’s to try to figure out what happened. She recorded her conversation with the manager and worker, largely keeping them off-camera but capturing audio.

“My issue is not with you,” she tells the manager after explaining what happened. “If you’re the manager…we can manage behavior, correct? That’s not OK.”

The manager can be heard asking the employee to apologize, but the employee simply replied that it was a joke, and insisted the card really had been declined.

“That’s not a funny joke,” Hannah says. “You didn’t serve my children.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Hannah and McDonald’s via email to see whether the situation was ultimately resolved. But many commenters praised the TikToker for maintaining her cool throughout the conversation despite it not really going anywhere at the time.

“Oh baby you’re nicer than me,” wrote one user.

“Oh no ma’am you did not take anything out of proportion!” another chimed in. “So glad you confronted them that’s not okay!”

“You had a super reasonable and respectful reaction. She was gaslighting and avoiding accountability,” a fhitrd said.

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With ongoing tensions across the United States relating to cops and racial discrimination, it isn’t surprising that it didn’t take long for the comments section of Hannah’s video to attract people who wanted to use this incident as an excuse to be racist to the McDonald’s worker—which Hannah promptly shut down in a follow-up video.

“We are not doing that. I did not face any kind of discrimination yesterday,” she says. “What happened was a young woman, regardless of her race and regardless of my race, had an opinion about my family’s opinion. And she let it overshadow her work, which was to serve my children food. That’s the issue.”

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*First Published: May 14, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT