Server says customer wouldn’t order chili until she told her the name of the cook.


‘I need to know who made it before I can order it’: Server says customer wouldn’t order chili until she told her the name of the cook. It’s the same recipe every night

‘The “sticky tables” happens to me all the time bc the tables are old as I am.’


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Posted on Jul 8, 2023   Updated on Jul 25, 2023, 2:50 pm CDT

A server revealed a story about how she had to serve the “rudest freaking lady” she had encountered in her “whole life.”

In a video with over 380,000 views, TikTok user Kristina Withers (@krisswith) told the tale about someone who trumped the “rude-a** b*tches” she’s used to serving all the time.

She dove into the story of how three ladies came into her restaurant and sat down. The first thing one of the ladies did was “start touching the table” like it was “sticky.” Withers attributed the “stickiness” to the “finish” of the tables, which “give off a weird texture.”

When the creator approached their table, the lady didn’t address her and just said, “Hm, sticky.”

After wiping down the table, she asked if the tables were “better.” The lady’ responded, “Hmm, I guess.”

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All three women ordered water while waiting for someone. Then, Withers provided some backstory about one of the last ladies, who had been at the restaurant “maybe five times” and yet “acts like she knows everything about the place.” 

“Like, she acts like she knows all the bartenders, she knows all of the cooks, and that kind of stuff,” Withers said.

As Withers walked by, the lady “waved” her down, asking, “‘Do you know if this cook made the green chili today? Because when I came in a few days ago, it was way too spicy and I need to know who made it before I can order it.”

According to Withers, the green chili is the same recipe “regardless of who makes it.” The content creator took out a small cup of green chili the same cook made a few days ago and the same day for the lady to try. The lady thought the chili was “good.” After placing their orders, the same lady kept demanding “more coffee,” “extra silverware,” and more.

But it didn’t stop there. In a Part 2 video, Withers described the lady in her own words. “If she needs something, it’s an emergency and everything else needs to stop until you get her what she needs or what she wants,” she said. The lady ordered cheese enchiladas with eggs and hashbrowns. When the content creator noticed that the plate had fries instead of hashbrowns, she immediately told the lady that she would get them. However, she insisted that the plate “wasn’t hers” but her party attempted to explain otherwise.

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Withers and the lady argued back and forth about the order, the lady complaining about the lack of hashbrowns and Withers claiming she would get them. Finally, Withers was able to retrieve the hashbrowns, only to be met with criticism.

“I ordered cheese enchiladas,” the lady reportedly said.

Withers clarified they were, in fact, cheese enchiladas smothered in pork green chili. They proceeded to argue again about the pork. The lady insisted it was chicken and refused to eat it. Then, the content creator took the plate back to the kitchen and informed the chef about the incident. The chef adamantly told Withers that she wasn’t remaking it but the lady can order a new plate. Then, Withers brought out a small cup of green chili to show her it contained chunks of pork, not chicken.

However, the lady claimed that she “never saw the pork chunks.” Finally, the lady proceeded to eat her enchiladas “like nothing ever happened.” To add insult to injury, the lady confronted Withers at the bar.

“‘Did you forget my husband’s coffee?’” she allegedly asked. But Withers didn’t. After giving the husband his coffee, the party paid and the lady tipped her 3% despite doing “an amazing job.” 

Commenters had a lot to work with.

“The ‘sticky tables’ happens to me all the time bc the tables are old as I am,” said one. “The complaints ab send me over the edge.”

“Every should be required to work at least one year in a restaurant to understand what this is like,” said another, a variation on a theme that other commenters picked up.

“It’s literally your job to serve them,” someone else pointed out.

The creator responded, “True—and I did. However, it’s not my job to be treated like sh*t.”

This isn’t the creator’s first rude customer rodeo; she’s been covered by the Daily Dot for past videos documenting customers who sat at a table for six hours and only tipped 10 percent, a rude church group, and customers who enabled a child’s bad behavior.

Update 2:50pm CT, July 25: Withers told the Daily Dot she worked as a server for 15 years and currently works at a dive bar in Aurora, Colorado. She said the customer in question is a repeat customer.

“I did serve her once before and although she was still bad, the experience I shared the video about takes the cake,” she said. “I have not seen her since I made the video.”

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*First Published: Jul 8, 2023, 5:12 pm CDT