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‘It’s a f**king joke’: Server says customers sat at table for 6 hours—then tipped only 10%

'If you're going to go sit in a restaurant for six f**king hours, there should be like a f**king table fee.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Nov 10, 2022

A restaurant server went viral on TikTok after she shared her frustrations with a pair of customers who sat at a table for six hours and only tipped her 10% of their check.

The server, Kristina Withers (@krisswith), posted a two-minute video on TikTok explaining her annoyance at the customers. In the video, she says the customers were at the restaurant before she even got to work at 5:30 p.m. Another server, who had gotten to work at 3:30 p.m. had already served the couple and cashed them out by the time Withers got there, she says.

“They were fine, they were chilling,” Withers says of the couple. “They were good to go. Cashed out, no worries.”

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By 7 p.m. (three hours after they had been cashed out), the customers came up to Withers and asked who their server was because they wanted to order drinks and dinner. By that time, Withers’ coworker was already off for the night, so she became their new server.

The TikToker says each of the customers got a drink and a taco plate and ordered another drink at 8 p.m. The restaurant, which Withers does not name, closed at 10 p.m. She says they were the last customers in the restaurant.

“The best part though, the very best part? They didn’t even tip 20%,” Withers says. “They were my only table. Like I know I was giving them great service—probably overly good service because, again, they were my only table.”

Despite the good service that she insists she gave, the TikToker says the couple only tipped her 10%.

“So if you’re going to go sit in a restaurant for six fucking hours, there should be like a fucking table fee. $5 [per] fucking hour if you’re sitting there not drinking and not buying anything,” Withers says. “It’s a fucking joke.”

Viewers couldn’t fathom why the customers felt comfortable sitting inside a restaurant for six hours—and then tipping 10%.

“Like WHAT were they doing for six hours???” one viewer asked.

“wth who [sits] at a restaurant for 6 hours?” a second viewer commented.

A third said, “I can’t even sit on my couch that long. goodness.”

Other servers shared their own customer horror stories.

“I had a two top sit for 4 hours the other day..” one user shared.

“Omg yesterday I had a table ask if it was okay to sit for a while because they were waiting for their son’s bail to process!! They tipped fat tho,” another user wrote.

Someone else commented, “Honestly! Had a two top at one of my tables for a whole shift. (7.5 hours)They were my first and last. They only left because I was cleaning.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Nov 10, 2022, 6:31 pm CST