person with hand on head with caption 'I just had someone cold call me on teams because I was green' (l) Microsoft Teams on phone in hand in front of call on computer screen (c) person speaking with caption 'absolutely not we are not doing that Nope Nope I rebuke you no' (r)

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‘Boomers in my office tried to push this’: Remote worker says she was ‘cold-called’ on Microsoft Teams

‘Happens to me all the time while I’m green. I have to join solo meetings to avoid it.’


Vladimir Supica


Humorous Resources (@humorousresources), a popular TikTok user known for her comical takes on the world of human resources, has once again gone viral with her new video. The clip, which was posted on Mar. 23, has already garnered a significant amount of attention, with over 397,000 views as of Friday.

The short video is a sketch about the user reacting to a “cold call” on the Teams app because her status was set to green. In the context of this video, a cold call is referring to someone calling you, without first pinging or messaging you and checking if you’re available to speak.

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In the video, the TikToker shakes her head in disbelief and says, “Absolutely not, we’re not doing that. Nope. Nope. I rebuke you. No.” 

While the TikToker notes in her bio that her content is fictional, it has garnered a lot of attention from other TikTok users who found the video relatable and shared their own experiences from the real world.

“I’m not sure what’s worse. Someone just calling or someone messaging and saying, ‘Hi’ because you know they want something,” one commenter remarked.

“And that’s why I stay red all day,” another user added, referring to the option to set one’s status to “busy” on Teams to avoid being disturbed.

A third commenter chimed in, saying, “How about when they call you on red and then when you don’t answer they start messaging you.”

“Happens to me all the time while I’m green. I have to join solo meetings to avoid it,” yet another user shared their experience with the issue.

“I worked with someone who would do that often. she also would just message “hi” instead of saying what she needed,” one commenter chimed in.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the TikToker for comment via their email.

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