Chipotle customer tries ‘phone rule.’ Worker tells her she can’t record

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‘Then she gave me a small bowl’: Chipotle customer tries ‘phone rule.’ Worker tells her she can’t record

‘My manager told me he would give smaller portions if he sees a phone.’


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A Chipotle customer tried to use the viral “phone rule” at the restaurant, but a worker told her she wasn’t allowed to record her bowl being made.

Chipotle customers have recently taken to filming employees as their bowls are assembled in an attempt to receive bigger scoops of toppings. The theory of the “Chipotle phone rule” is that workers are encouraged to give customers more food because of the pressure of being filmed. 

However, some consumers claim the “phone rule” is a scam that Chipotle has used as a response to numerous TikTokers complaining about smaller portion sizes, and TikTok user Bells (@user3749193284) might be the proof. When she tried to hop on the trend at her local Chipotle, she was quickly shut down by a worker who told her she was not allowed to film there. 

An experiment gone awry

In the short clip, the Chipotle customer stands in front of the restaurant’s counter as she places her order.

“Two bowls,” she says. 

“White or brown rice on these?” the worker asks in return.

“White on both,” the customer responds. 

Then the Chipotle worker notices the customer’s phone. 

“Are you recording?” she asks, to which the customer responds in the affirmative.

“Yeah, you can’t record here,” the worker replies. 

The clip ends there. The customer adds in the caption that the worker was then “messy [with] the scoops.”

The Chipotle customer’s video received 5.4 million views and over 3,500 comments as of Saturday.

“It’s crazy because it all depends who’s on shift. Sometimes my bowls be over flowing, other times they look like toddler meals,” oner commenter said, attempting to explain the disparity between the amount of toppings Chipotle customers can receive. 

One person claiming to be a former employee said, “When I worked at chipotle the policy was always to only give 1 scoop,” trying to explain that the amount of food has nothing to do with the whims of the workers.

@user3749193284 then she wan start being messy w the scoops🤦‍♀️ #chipotle #bs ♬ original sound – bells ✩

A number of viewers suggested that the Chipotle worker was in the right to ask the customer to stop filming.

“Bruh do y’all know how uncomfy it is for someone to come into you job and film you???? and then post it on the internet slandering you when ur just a corporate employee,” one said.

“Hey so like people at Chipotle are actually people who deserve basic human respect and aren’t just robots with no feelings,” said another. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Bells via TikTok comment and to Chipotle via email for further comment. 

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