former Chipotle employee speaking with caption 'when you work for the online section of chiptole' (l) Chipotle workers adding toppings to food (c) former Chipotle employee speaking with caption 'you're timed and people are watching you on the cameras' (r)

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‘This is why a lot of online orders are skimpy’: Former Chipotle worker says employees working online order station are timed 

‘It’s so nerve wracking.’


Maya Wray


A former Chipotle employee revealed the cause of mysteriously skimpy online orders.

In a video posted to TikTok, creator Martia (@cleavagecrumbz) stitched a video from Chipotle customer Ro (@friendlyblackhotttie), who said he ordered a $14 burrito that came “in the package of a side tortilla.” 

“Can someone at Chipotle explain to me: What the f*ck is this?” Ro said in his original video, holding up a tinfoil-wrapped burrito. “I don’t know what’s happening with you guys and your online orders, but this is not okay.”

In their video, which has been viewed 119,300 times since it was first posted yesterday, Martia said the reason behind this online order phenomenon was why they quit working at Chipotle.

@cleavagecrumbz #stitch with @ro im so sorry they did you dirty. and like i had a horrible time working and it was only a month. 🥸ALWAYS go in person if u can and get your shit right. #theythem #enby ♬ original sound – martia💓

“They’re just trying to get your sh*t out,” they explained. “When you work for the online section of Chipotle, you’re timed and people are watching you on the cameras trying to get those orders out.” 

Martia said that if a worker couldn’t make an online order in time, a manager would pay them a visit. 

“Lots of times, we would have to skimp out on people’s orders,” they shared in the video. “We gotta hit a quota at a certain time.” 

Their store’s kitchen didn’t give much priority to online orders, Martia further explained, which led to employees having to “beg for more food.” Martia advised customers to go to the restaurant in person to place their orders instead of ordering online

“F*ck Chipotle,” they added before ending their video. 

In their caption, she also apologized to Ro for his experience. “I’m so sorry they did you dirty,” they wrote. “ALWAYS go in person if u can and get your sh*t right.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Martia via TikTok comment and Chipotle via email. Commenters joined in on critiquing Chipotle’s approach to online orders.

“These companies need to stop doing this to the employees,” one person said. “Offering online but it causes stress with having goals, metrics, etc.”

Some commenters, who said they worked for Chipotle, shared further insight on what it’s like to work for the restaurant chain.

“They used to time me for chopping peppers that were for the next day,” one person wrote.

“We ran out of white rice and guac. They literally told us to just make whatever cuz they’re gonna ask for a refund anyway,” a separate user revealed.

Chipotle customers also shared their experiences with online orders. “They gave me a teaspoon of guac… never again,” one said.

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