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‘Suddenly I’m pregnant’: Chipotle customer shares hack for getting loaded bowls every time

‘I don’t think anyone wants to incur the wrath of a hangry pregnant person.’


Braden Bjella


Chipotle is notorious for under-filling online orders. Numerous users have complained about the differences between online and in-person orders. Some have even tested the theory that online orders are smaller than in-person orders by ordering the same meal both ways—the online order seems to be consistently smaller.

However, one doesn’t always have the time to wait in line at Chipotle. This means that, if they want their Chipotle fix, they’ll have to run the risk of getting an underfilled order.

Or, maybe they don’t, says TikTok user Vered (@veryvered). In a video with over 1.2 million views as of Saturday, Vered, then-pregnant, says that the key to getting a full bowl is finding a way to tell the staff that you’re pregnant.

“My name is Preggie McPreggerson,” Vered reveals, showing an online order bearing the same name. “This is a heavy bowl!”

@veryvered #stitch with @ARI💋 My preggers Chipotle bowl hack when ordering online. Thanks for taking care of me chipotle! #chipotle #comedy #pregnant #pregnancyhack ♬ original sound – Vered

She also notes that her husband ordered a similar bowl without the name and received a bowl of about “half the weight.”

“I don’t think anyone wants to incur the wrath of a hangry pregnant person,” Vered explains.

In the comments section, some users spoke about the veracity of this advice.

“When I was pregnant I had my name as ‘impregnantplzmakeitthic,’” a user recalled.

“As an ex employee. yes! when it came to orders like that, didn’t matter if manager was screaming about portions,” another shared. “We’d rather not upset preggie women!”

That said, many claimed they would be employing the hack even though they are not pregnant.

“Suddenly i’m pregnant,” a commenter wrote.

“I’m gonna lie just to get this full,” echoed a second.

Some also noted that this may be a way for the Chipotle staff to better watch out for order instructions.

“When I was pregnant I asked for a bowl with no guac and they sent TWO containers with JUST guac,” a user stated. “I cried and I haven’t eaten there since.”

“Omg ! When I was about 6 months pregnant I ordered a chicken [bowl] and GUESS WHAT! They forgot the CHICKEN! I crieddd! My bf went back to complain and they said they would give us a refund because of course with my pregnancy hormones I did NOT want the bowl anymore,” detailed an additional TikToker. “I didn’t get a refund.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Vered via TikTok comment.

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