Chipotle customer shows she got less than a fist-full of food in her chicken burrito bowl after ordering online

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‘I paid $11.85 for this’: Chipotle customer gets half a chicken burrito bowl when she orders online. It’s different in-store

'They be on BS.'


Phil West


Posted on Jan 15, 2024

A disgruntled Chipotle customer claims a Louisville, Kentucky, location of the fast-casual restaurant skimped on her order… only to later somewhat redeem themselves.

The video evidence was shared on TikTok; creator Samie Fernandez (@samie1228) got more than 2.2 millions to her initial Jan. 3 video showing the crime against healthy portions.

She begins by saying she ordered what she usually gets: A chicken, lettuce, and sour cream bowl looking like the Keto Power Bowl with all the salsa options stripped away. She notes that there was one lettuce leaf included, with most of the leafy greens being spinach—something she didn’t even know they had, and something that didn’t appear particularly welcome given her reaction.

Then, she moves to her main criticism of the food: There’s not enough of it.

“Here’s my 5’2″ hand in comparison to this bowl,” she assesses. “Looks like about a fistful.” She’s also dismayed that she can see the bottom of the plate, which she doesn’t think she should be able to were Chipotle to have served her a proper portion.

She’s also upset that the bowl cost $11.85.

She concludes, “[Expletive] Chipotle. They [expletive] suck. Never again.”

@samie1228 @Chipotle deserves ALL the hate they get. Do Better. This was from the downtown Louisville, KY chipotle. #chipotle #iwishiwasjoking ♬ original sound – Samie Fernandez

However, “never again” only lasted two days. Her husband brought home Chipotle, captured in a second video put up on the platform Jan. 5. That one showed a bowl appropriately filled with all the right ingredients, ordered in person.

As Fernandez notes, “My husband ordered it; I asked him not to ask for anything extra, or to babysit them.”

She notes in her caption, “Y’all redeemed yourselves… today.”

@samie1228 @Chipotle y’all redeemed yourselves… today. Ordered in at my local Chip without asking babysitting the portions #chipotle ♬ original sound – Samie Fernandez

The pair of videos together reinforced what a number of commenters said in the first video: Don’t order Chipotle online.

“Never order chipotle through DoorDash or delivery,” one commenter advised. “They be on BS.”

“Nothing worse than a multi billion dollar company acting like they’re going into debt by giving u what u paid for,” said another. “I’ll never go to chipotle.”

(That commenter wasn’t exaggerating: According to Macrotrends, Chipotle is worth $62.35 billion.)

Even the redemptive second video brought criticism of Chipotle from commenters.

“Is it just me, or is Chipotle pretty tasteless?” one pondered. “I always want it to be an explosion of flavor, and I swear it never is.”

Another assessed, “Chipotle taste like what’s at the bottom of the sink after you do a bunch of dirty dishes.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Fernandez via TikTok comment and to Chipotle via email.

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*First Published: Jan 15, 2024, 7:01 pm CST