Customer showing how they do a Chilis Meal Prep

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‘I pay for convenience’: Customer shares Chili’s meal prep hack

'Such an easy way to stay on budget.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Aug 4, 2023

From Chipotle to Texas Roadhouse, social media has been rushing to chain restaurants this year, eager to buy in bulk and save for the week. Now a TikTok influencer went viral for sharing her “lazy meal prep” from Chili’s.

Shayna (@whatshaynasay) has reached over 95,000 views on her video by Friday afternoon. She has over 28,000 followers on TikTok and has been posting meal prep videos since April.

Here Shayna says she orders the “triple fajita party trio” when she preps from Chili’s, telling viewers that: “It was $56 after tax, but I did round up for the St. Jude’s donation.” 

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She shows viewers that her meal has three kinds of meat, beans, rice and all toppings. 

“They was not stingy,” she says, “Can I get an amen?”

Shayna made seven meals out of her order from Chili’s. “I technically could have made eight, but I was eating on this while I was prepping,” she says.

She put the guacamole in a separate container because it goes bad quickly. “I’ll probably just use it the first two days,” she adds. 

One viewer comments, “Put some lemon juice on the guacamole, it helps keep it from turning.” 

Viewers say this meal prep is genius. “That’s a deal, our fajita meals aren’t that large,” a Chili’s employee comments. 

“Such an easy way to eat well and stay on budget,” another says.

A couple viewers think meal prepping is a waste of money. “Eight dollars a meal seems a little pricey,” one says.

“I pay for convenience,” Shayna responds. 

Two viewers offer advice to Shayna to help her with future meal preps. “FYI, shrimp goes bad after 2 days,” one says. “I will be sure to eat those first!” Shayna says. 

Another viewer says, “You can also get free chips and salsa everytime you order if you join the chilis club.” 

Shayna has posted multiple meal prep videos from various restaurants. Her most famous meal prep video is from Texas Roadhouse. She has also made videos ordering from Johnny Carino’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Golden Corral. Shayna has a total of 16 meal prep videos on her account. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Shayna via the TikTok comment section and Chili’s via email.

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*First Published: Aug 4, 2023, 3:05 pm CDT