Customer says Chipotle is 'overrated' after trying Cava for the first time

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‘And cava is not stingy either!’: Customer says Chipotle is ‘overrated’ after trying Cava for the first time

‘Cava makes sure that bowl is packed.’


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While the internet used to rave about items from Chipotle, now, the mood has soured on the fast-casual Mexican chain.

There are a few possible reasons for this. First, many are claiming that Chipotle is now serving smaller portions, an allegation the company’s CFO denies.

True or not, several internet users have gone viral after showing how small their burritos and bowls are, and there’s been a growing trend of people walking out mid-order once they see the portion size.

Second, some are saying that Chipotle is simply too expensive. One user said she was charged $35 for a bowl, while another claimed that she paid $50 for two bowls from the restaurant.

Given these issues, it’s understandable that one would seek an alternative to the restaurant. Now, there is one, say TikTok user AJ (@isthatajayyy).

Is Cava the New Chipotle?

In a video with over 762,000 views as of Sunday, AJ stitches a video of someone criticizing Cava to explain why former Chipotle fans should consider checking out the chain.

“I’ve always thought Chipotle was overrated. Then I went to Cava, and I realized that not only is it overrated, it’s brainwashed the common public,” he says. “Hella marketing and cosigns from your favorite celebrities and stuff have brainwashed everyone into thinking that that s*** is good. It’s not. It’s not that good.”

Those who want a good burrito should go to Freebirds, he says—and if one wants a quality bowl, “go to Cava.”

“Cava is so good. Cava’s the one,” AJ declares.

What is Cava?

Cava is a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant chain that started with a single location in Rockville, Maryland back in 2006.

The company has since expanded rapidly. In April of last year, the restaurant had 263 locations; today, that number is 331, and the chain has stated that they are interested in opening 1,000 locations.

That said, not all of the news around Cava is positive. One user recently shared that she found plastic in her Cava bowl; Cava responded by offering her a coupon for a free meal.

@isthatajayyy ts genuinely pissed me off cause Cava better than Midpotle EVERY day of the week #isthatajay #cava #chipotle #bigback #cavaisbetter #freebirds #burrito #bowl #burritobowls ♬ original sound – AJ

TikTokers Love Cava

In the comments section, users expressed their love for the chain.

“I’ll spend $20 on a cava bowl,” said a user.

“Cava gave me a free meal cause cause i waited 20 minutes for rice. i been sold since,” added another.

“And cava is not stingy either!” exclaimed a third.

“Nahhh let them think cava isn’t it, I’m trying to keep the traffic and prices downnnn,” joked a further TikTok user.

The Daily Dot reached out to AJ and Cava via email.

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