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‘I would’ve left that $35 bowl there’: Chipotle customer says worker tried to charge her for ‘quadruple chicken’ after she only got 2 scoops

'Quadruple chicken is crazy.'


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Posted on Apr 30, 2024   Updated on Apr 30, 2024, 10:26 am CDT

TikTok user @missmamassss didn’t even realize one could get quadruple chicken at Chipotle until a worker almost mistakenly charged her for it.

The Chipotle customer recounts what went down in a video that now has over 68,000 views. She says she asked the Chipotle worker who was making her bowl if she could have “a little bit more” chicken.

The worker, she recalls, added an extra scoop of chicken to her bowl and informed her she was going to get charged for double the protein.

“‘It’s gonna have to be double ‘cause you got double chicken,’” @missmamassss says the worker told her.

“‘All right. Cool,'” @missmamassss recalls responding.

The customer says that another worker then came out from the back to ring up her order. That worker asked the worker who made her bowl what the bowl consisted of so that she could ring her up accordingly.

“‘She got a chicken bowl, queso, quadruple chicken,’” @missmamassss says the worker responded.

@missmamassss says she was dumbfounded. “Quadruple chicken?!” she exclaims, shocked.

“’You got chicken four times,’” she says the worker explained.

“I didn’t get chicken four times. You did the chicken twice. The one I’m supposed to get and the extra,” the TikToker tells viewers.

She says that by that point, the line in the store was very long, and other customers were staring. She thinks the other customers were shocked she got quadruple chicken.

The TikToker says that if she wanted that much chicken, she would’ve just bought a whole chicken herself. “I could’ve got a rotisserie chicken and chopped it up and put it on there,” @missmamassss says.


quadruple chicken, girl bye 🥹

♬ original sound – mamas 💕

Viewers would have walked out of the restaurant

It’s unclear how the situation ended—if @missmamassss paid for quadruple chicken or double chicken. But viewers shared what they would’ve done if they had been in her place.

“I would’ve left that $35 bowl there and walked out,” one user said.

“The way I would have said ‘nehmind!!!’ and walked out! Quadruple chicken is crazy,” a second agreed.

Do Chipotle customers actually ask for quadruple chicken?

Viewers were also shocked to learn that “quadruple chicken” is even a thing one can order. But a Chipotle worker chimed in to say it actually gets ordered quite a bit by a certain type of customer. “Them gym bros be getting quadruple chicken it’s insane (a chipotle worker),” they shared.

For those who are curious, a redditor shared in a post what quadruple chicken in a bowl looks like.


More commonly, however, it seems that people order triple chicken. But some argue that Chipotle customers who want more protein are better off ordering two bowls by that point.

How to ask for more protein

There’s also a right and wrong way to go about asking for more protein, according to customers. Rather than asking for additional scoops up front, customers recommend that one lets the worker add the initial scoop to their bowl before asking for more. That way, workers are more inclined to match that initial scoop as opposed to skimping on both scoops.

The Daily Dot reached out to @missmamassss via Instagram direct message and to Chipotle via press email.

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*First Published: Apr 30, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT