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‘I gave you 1 second’: Burger King worker refuses to take customer’s order after she takes too long in drive-thru

‘The sunglasses at night is all I need to know.’


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A Burger King customer in Miami was upset following an encounter with a manager who purportedly refused to take her order and was rude in response to her.

The TikTok video documenting the encounter and its aftermath comes from Atlanta-based creator Gorgeous Doll (@iamgorgeousdoll), who bills herself as a life coach “mentoring and impacting people wanting to boss up their own lives” on The Dollhousee website. The video, released on Friday, received more than 785,000 views as of Tuesday.

In it, she names and shames a Burger King at 910 W. 41st Street in Miami Beach, Florida, showing video of her encounter with a manager having none of Gorgeous Doll’s plea to be heard, followed by additional narration of the encounter outside of the restaurant.

She appears to be identifying a restaurant at 910 Arthur Godfrey Road, getting an average rating of 1.7 (out of five) from Yelp reviewers. “If you’re a fan of rude staff and your order being wrong every single time, this is the place for you!” opined one reviewer in March. “The staff does not know how to follow basic instructions and will call you a liar when you politely ask for your correct order. Dick’s Last Resort treats their customers better than this s-hole. If you’re in the area, please do yourself a favor and get food anywhere else but here.”

Why did the worker refuse her order?

In the video, Gorgeous Doll asserts, regarding the situation of trying to buy a bit of time to sort the order of six people in the car, “Like pretty much, she’s not taking my order. So … her not knowing who I am, me not knowing who she is, like, why would you have any issue with me ordering my food? Unless you’re just f*cking mad and you hate your job, which is not my fault.”

A little later in the video, she insists, “If you’re gonna work in fast food, don’t be mad at the f*cking customers because you hate your job. It’s not our fault. It’s not our fault. We just came to get some d*mn cheeseburgers.”

Furthermore, she believes the resistance to serve her party might have had something to do with her request for sourdough bread, and upon the store’s refusal to provide that, she said, “I would have picked something else, but she literally told me she’s not takin’ my order because I asked for sourdough bread or Texas toast, whatever the f*ck it is.”

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In a survey of fast food restaurants from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Burger King rates a 77, a one-point improvement from 2023 to 2024. While it’s below the national fast-food average score of 79, it’s better than two main burger competitors: McDonald’s, getting just a 71 rating, and Wendy’s, with a 76.

Commenters had thoughts, starting with the manager’s “I gave you one second” statement.

One felt that such a comment “would’ve sent me,” to which the creator responded, “Sent me thru the rooftop.”

Another stated, “To be fair you should’ve known what y’all wanted before you got there.”

However, that was met with some pushback from other commenters, including one who wondered, “Who has the menu memorized?”

Additionally, some commenters had judgments about Gorgeous Doll, with one stating, “The sunglasses at night is all I need to know.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Burger King via email and to the creator via TikTok direct message and contact form on The Dollhousee website.

Update 9:00am CT, July 19: In a direct message to the Daily Dot, Gorgeous Doll shared that the encounter took place on July 4 after she finished watching fireworks on the beach with her family.

“[The video] going viral wasn’t something I immediately expected but I knew it would have alot of opinions,” she said.

She posted a follow-up video on her account that included an expletive-laden response from the worker (@purplemoney82) that appears to have since been deleted.

“I posted her reaction to me and her side so ppl could see how her attitude was in life because I knew people would understand my side more once they saw how her attitude was,” Gorgeous Doll told The Dot. “Also a lot of previous people who had worked with her reached out and told me she had always been like that.”

Still, she feels like her experience is part of a larger problem. “I feel like a lot of people are having these issues with fast food workers because no one … cares about customer service how it used to be,” she said.

“Every Burger King in general lately have been struggling with good customer service maybe they don’t teach it in the hiring process but it’s definitely something they need to work on because even with my situation I feel as if I was discriminated against for no reason,” she continued.

She feels as though fast food workers don’t care about providing good service because they believe the store owners “don’t care what they do as [@purplemoney82] stated in her video as well.”

“She said her boss does not care and will pretty much not do anything about her disrespect. So I think it’s definitely time for Burger King to shut down or do better,” Gorgeous Doll concluded.

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