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What are the best Texas Roadhouse hacks?

Texas Roadhouse is great as is, but might be even better if you learn these hacks.


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Posted on Sep 4, 2023   Updated on Oct 3, 2023, 2:30 pm CDT

Texas Roadhouse is a popular chain restaurant made even more popular by the TikTok content generated around it. Some of that TikTok content has to do with hacks—some offered by workers, some offered by savvy customers—to make the Texas Roadhouse experience that much affordable or that much more special.

We’ve reviewed a number of Texas Roadhouse offerings to showcase the best Texas Roadhouse hacks.

What are the best Texas Roadhouse hacks?

Let’s put these into several categories: Hacks that make Texas Roadhouse more affordable, menu hacks that get you dishes you can’t normally get, and hacks to otherwise enhance your Texas Roadhouse experience.

Texas Roadhouse hacks that make it more affordable

First off, let’s talk about the Texas Roadhouse rolls. They’re legendary, especially when paired with the honey cinnamon butter that the restaurant’s known for. Thanks to @morganchompz, whose TikTok channel deals in food hacks, people know that you can order a dozen rolls with the butter in the online app for just $4.99.

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A creator named Hanna (@pimpvanillaslim), a Texas Roadhouse worker billing herself as a provider of Texas Roadhouse hacks, also claims that an 8 oz. tub of honey cinnamon butter can be had for just $1.99.

@pimpvanillaslim $1.99 for 8oz cup of our #honeycinnamonbutter #txrh #texasroadhouse #texasroadhousebutter ♬ shake it off x fnaf music box – a.

Creator @maddadskillz shared a money-saving measure that lives right on the menu. If you’re thinking steak, don’t get the 8 oz. filet; get the 9 oz. medallions, which are about $3 cheaper (in the $20 range vs. the $23 range), plus it comes with an extra side if you sub out the rice.

@maddadskillz LITERALLY MY FAVORITE FOOD HACK‼️ #food #steak #foodhack #foodie #foodhacks #texasroadhouse #viral ♬ original sound – GutterGod

Some commenters on that TikTok warned, however, that the medallions are a lower-quality meat than the filet and that more isn’t necessarily better. But the creator maintains the medallions are a solid option for those on a budget.

And for those on even more of a budget, the Daily Dot reported on a TikToker advising “young adults trying to save money” to order the kids’ steak bites.

Texas Roadhouse menu hacks

Let’s start this section with a mindblowing phrase: “Pulled Pork Cactus Blossom.” If you think the only thing better than a deep-fried onion is one covered with pulled pork, Hanna has a hack from what she asserts is a “secret menu.”

In the Daily Dot’s article on the hack, she noted, “Something a lot of people may not know is you can add a smother or a bunch of stuff to anything. So you can add a side of shrimp or ribs to anything which that’s pretty much public knowledge, but you can also add other stuff like pulled pork, a veggie kebab, grilled chicken breast, catfish, and salmon.”

Someone else offered in that article, “Instead of calling it a smother, we called it a roadkill.”

Hanna also notes, in another video, that it’s possible to get a smaller and cheaper dinner salad, for those who don’t want to commit to the full-size dinner salads that Texas Roadhouse deals out.

@pimpvanillaslim Texas Roadhouse small dinner salad hack #hannystexasroadhousehacks #texasroadhouse #salad #txrh #roadies #texasroadhouserolls ♬ Paint The Town Red – DojaFantasy

And, with this hack, it’s still possible to choose from a range of salad-topping meats.

She also offered an option to get just three shrimp added to a meal for $3.99.

Texas Roadhouse hacks to enhance your experience

If you want to do a shot at a Texas Roadhouse, you can finagle a top-shelf serving of alcohol for just $2. That’s according to a TikToker who claimed, as covered in a Daily Dot story, that if your Texas Roadhouse offers shooters with drinks, you can enjoy them directly at your table rather than adding them to your drink.

“Pro tip: if a restaurant offers shooters in their cocktails, get it and take the shooter like a shot instead of putting it in your drink,” that customer claimed. “I just took a shot of 1800 for $2.” Others noted, however, that you might get a mix of tequila and triple sec intended for a margarita rather than just pure tequila, and that the shooter tube likely contains less alcohol than a standard shot.

Finally, if you want to celebrate a birthday at Texas Roadhouse—and who doesn’t want to be serenaded while sitting on a saddle?—you can save on dessert by bringing your own cake. But according to a former Texas Roadhouse server who’s a TikTok frequent flyer, there’s a right way and wrong way to do it.

The Daily Dot article covering this noted that while most servers actually hate it, you can avoid some of the mistakes that raise servers’ hackles. Those include “bringing your own knife, plates, and silverware for the cake—or, at the very least, letting your server know you have a cake so they can plan ahead.”

@flabigailfartin #serverproblems #servertiktok #waitressproblems #waitresslife #birthdaycake #fypシ ♬ original sound – a silly goose :), J.D.

“Then, you need to be OK with the fact that it might take us a minute to get all those dirty dinner plates off the table, especially if it’s a large party,” she adds. “Then clean up after yourself. Tip your server for the time that you were there and maybe give them a piece of cake. They’ll love ya.”

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*First Published: Sep 4, 2023, 12:30 pm CDT