Texas Roadhouse server shares the dos and don'ts of bringing own cake to restaurant

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‘If you bring your own cake and don’t offer your server a piece….’: Texas Roadhouse server shares the do’s and don’ts of bringing own cake to restaurant

'I didn’t realize this is a thing people do.'


Phil West


Posted on May 17, 2023

It seems like taking your own birthday cake to a restaurant would be a recipe for surly service. However, a Texas Roadhouse server says it happens more than you think—and there’s a right way to do it to stay on the waitstaff’s good side.

In a video stretching to the three-minute mark, captioned “How to annoy your server just a little bit less, part 1,” TikToker @flabigailfartin went into what really grinds her gears about customers who bring their own cake to restaurants.

“Here’s why the server hates it: Multiple reasons,” the creator starts. “Number one, you’re done eating; we’re trying to clear away your plates, and you’re pushing them towards us because you want to start eating the birthday cake that you brought.”

She continues to say that customers often ask for new silverware sets, more plates, a knife to cut the cake, and even candles. They will also often sit at the table for an additional 20 to 30 minutes to finish eating the cake.

“You have to remember that that cake is not something that you paid for at the store, so it’s not adding to our bill,” she says. “It’s not making the bill any bigger. And we can’t turn that table because you’re sitting there eating your birthday cake.”

The TikToker continues to explain that when customers are finally done eating their cake, servers have to clean up the extra round of plates they ate off.

“So that’s why we hate it,” she says. “That’s why it annoys us. Because most of the time, we’re not going to get tipped any extra for that.”

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She then provides suggestions for how to avoid your server’s ire. These include bringing your own knife, plates, and silverware for the cake—or, at the very least, letting your server know you have a cake so they can plan ahead.

“Then, you need to be OK with the fact that it might take us a minute to get all those dirty dinner plates off the table, especially if it’s a large party,” she advises. “Then clean up after yourself. Tip your server for the time that you were there and maybe give them a piece of cake. They’ll love ya.”

The video generated over 241,000 views in its first week on the platform. In the comments section, viewers shared their opinions on bringing cake to a restaurant.

At least one commenter wasn’t aware people might be so bold as to try this.

“I didn’t realize this is a thing people do,” they said. “I would feel so guilty about being an inconvenience that it would ruin the experience for me anyway.”

“It happens so frequently,” the creator responded. “People will even bring big balloons and presents inside too — do a whole party at the restaurant basically.”

“A big thing for me is when they leave their trash: paper plates, cupcake wrappers, tissue paper, balloons, cake box, etc.,” someone else pointed out. “There is a trashcan four feet away.”

The creator chimed in, “Then you try to clean up and get pink icing all over yourself. It makes me livid.”

While the creator got a lot of support in the comments, not everyone agreed. One commenter, seemingly bringing God into it, said, “Y’all need to show some grace. Some people need a place to gather. Prayers for you as you learn and mature.”

The Daily Dot contacted @flabigailfartin via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 17, 2023, 5:13 pm CDT