Bed Bath & Beyond sign on door with caption 'Never liked that store. Those coupons were the biggest scam!!' (l) Bed Bath & Beyond building with sign (c) Bed Bath & Beyond interior with new arrivals with caption 'Never liked that store. Those coupons were the biggest scam!!' (r)

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‘They are bringing in merchandise that is giving Dollar Tree vibes!’: Bed Bath & Beyond customer calls closing sale a ‘scam,’ says store is bringing in ‘random merchandise’ just for the sale

‘People need to know this is not a deal.’


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In a viral video with nearly 56,000 views, TikToker Sunni (@lambbchops) called Bed Bath & Beyond’s closing sale a “scam” and explained her belief that the retailer is selling random products at its locations.

@lambbchops Replying to @ljspan absolute scam and they are bringing in merchandise that is giving Dollar Tree vibes! #bedbathandbeyond #bedbathandbeyondclosing ♬ original sound – Sunni | Mom | Twitch Streamer

“I didn’t know that I would make so many people mad by saying this going out of business sale is a scam,” she said to start the clip.

Back in April, Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy. The chain managed to keep some stores open across America after securing a 240 million dollar loan to help keep operations running during the bankruptcy. However, some of its stores closed, and many initiated “closing sales,” as CNN reports.

Sunni believes part of the retailer’s closing sale tactic is to bring in merchandise to sell as “sale” items that it wouldn’t otherwise put in stock.

“People in the comments said that wasn’t true,” she continued as she walked through the store, recording items on shelves with “new arrival” and “sale” signs hung above them. “As you can see in the last clip, that’s not normal Bed Bath & Beyond merchandise.”

She said that after her initial video calling out the company, her store hung a sign at the entrance explaining that new items are brought in and sold daily.

In the comments section, viewers were divided on whether or not the sale was a “scam.”

“If it’s not 80-90% off, it’s not actually going out of business,” one user commented.

“Ours just closed for real,” a second countered. “Wasn’t a scam and I got a ton of good stuff for like, 90% off there at the very end.”

“Each stores have different sales. The one near me is 80% and gets new things daily as well,” a third said.

“Rebrand, rename but they’re going to still be in business,” another remarked.

Others expressed frustration over the whole closing sale ordeal.

“I’m bed bath and beyond over it,” one viewer wrote.

“They also wont accept gift cards and I have a gift card from my wedding,” a second lamented. “What a waste!”

The Daily Dot contacted Bed Bath & Beyond and Sunni for comment via email.

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