Customer orders Macbook on Amazon, receives a bag of rice instead

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‘This is why I always record myself opening expensive stuff’: Customer orders MacBook on Amazon, receives a bag of rice instead

'I remember when I ordered my iMac from Amazon & I got a small drawer instead.'


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Posted on Apr 16, 2023

Amazon has come under fire for not shipping orders — or in some cases, shipping items that the customer didn’t order in the first place. 

In one case, a tech TikToker claimed that Amazon did not deliver her $2,000 order and refused to refund her. In another, a customer ordered AirPods only to find that they were used — and one AirPod was missing.

Additionally, there have been numerous cases of Amazon shippers sending the wrong item entirely, either accidentally or maliciously. One Amazon customer ordered a desk and received a sex toy. Another ordered a tablet and received a bag of sugar alongside several packets of cookies. A further customer ordered an iPad Pro and received chicken wire; when he complained, he was instead sent a package of cat food.

Now, another case of a seller sending the wrong item has gone viral. In a video with over 1 million views as of Sunday, TikTok user Asad (@_asadd) claims he ordered a MacBook Air from Amazon for £1123.99. Instead, he received a bag of rice.

@_asadd Whats goin on here 😂 #amazon #applemacbook #rice #delivery #stolendelivery ♬ Now Look at This – Dramatello

On the package, the rice bag states that the true retail cost should be £9.99. Asad appears to have contacted Amazon UK’s customer service, who instructed him to send a picture of the rice including information about the buyer. It is unclear if Asad received a refund for the item in question.

There are a few reasons why Asad may have received this package. It could have been a simple mixup on the part of the seller or the fulfillment center. It also could have been part of a brushing scheme, in which customers receive items they did not order so users on the site can post fraudulent “verified” reviews. Alternatively, the seller could have simply sent Asad the item in hopes of defrauding him.

In the comments section, many users reported similar stories.

“I ordered an iphone and received a pennywise pop figure,” claimed one user.

“Just happened to me. Received a bottle of pregnancy vitamins instead of a MacBook Air M2,” alleged another. “£1200.”

“Same, but I got sent AirPods and there was nothing inside but the cable smh,” added a third. “I had to make a police report and everything smh.”

“Happened w me but i got 99p chocolate biscuits when i ordered a pair of airpods,” stated an additional TikToker.

“This happened to me,” recalled a further TikToker. “ordered £250 headphones and they sent me something else.. then they switched out the replacement too and I gave up.”

We’ve reached out to Amazon via email and Asad via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Apr 16, 2023, 11:08 am CDT