Man inside his car shares amazon flex check in hack; Woman Holding up phone with amazon flex logo on screen

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‘I got paid $100 and no route was available’: Amazon Flex driver reveals hack to get paid without delivering anything

'I always check in 15 min early. And always wonder why I never get free money.'


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Posted on Sep 4, 2023   Updated on Sep 4, 2023, 2:35 pm CDT

A TikTok user who claims to be an Amazon Flex driver has shared a hack on how to maximize your chances of getting paid without actually doing any deliveries.

The user, who goes by Just Adam (@justadam1128), posted a video explaining his tip for other drivers who work for the delivery service.

In the video, which has over 112,000 views, he says that drivers for Amazon Flex should not check in on their app early, but rather wait until the last minute to do so.

@justadam1128 Amazon Flex Secrect you must know!!!! #amazonflex #amazonflexdriver #amazon ♬ original sound – Just Adam

“If you [check in early] you’re going to automatically get a f*cking route and that’s not what you want,” he says. “Get there early, whatever, sit there … Remember, you have until 10:05 to check in. 10:03 Start checking in. 10:04 take your picture. Boom, check in.”

In the caption of the video, he wrote, “Amazon Flex Secrect secret you must know!!!”
He advises drivers to wait in their car for a few more minutes and only then scan at the station.

“So take advantage of that, stop taking routes when you don’t have to,” he adds.

In the comment section of the video, some users confirmed that this hack works, while others criticized the Amazon Flex driver for exposing it.

“This is true! I got paid 100 and no route was available,” one user wrote.

“Omg I always check in 15 min early. And always wonder why I never get free money,” another commented.

“This is why Amazon finds out the hacks cause ppl giving up unnecessary info,” a third user warned.

Another commenter questioned the logic behind clocking in as late as possible, to which Adam responded, “It’s like a 50/50 you might not get [a route], but if you wanna make money you gotta show up lol”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Amazone Flex worker via TikTok direct message and to Amazon via their press email for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 4, 2023, 2:34 pm CDT