Girl in White tube top dancing (three split)


White tube top girl’s viral TikTok dance turns her into a meme

“How do I achieve this build?”


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White Tube Top Girl, aka Faith Marie (@faith.marie19), is a woman on TikTok who blew up on the social media platform because of her dance moves. There is some contention and discourse that came about because of her rise in popularity to the point that she has become a trend in her own right on the video platform.

Screenshot of a young woman in a white tube top and short jeans dancing.

The TikToker in question is Faith Marie who, you guessed it, wore a white tube top while recording herself dancing to a mash-up of Chappell Roan’s “HOT TO GO!” and ian’s “Magic Johnson” in July 2024. 

Her unoriginal nickname is similar to that of the Blue Sweatpants Girl, who also jumped into brief internet fame in part due to what she was wearing in her viral video, and just like Blue Sweatpants Girl, Faith Marie has fully gained meme status on the social media platform.


Same moves✌️ still hits tho

♬ hot to go x magic johnson – cydcpam

The origin of the white tube top girl meme

Faith Marie posted the video of her dancing to the Chappell Roan/ian mash-up song on July 3rd, 2024, which starts with Roan counting down the beat. The video has been viewed over 30.1 million times and has over 16k comments and has been liked over 2.2 million times.

The original choreography of the dance Faith Marie is doing in her viral video comes from TikTokers @rysalbum and @weoutsiiideeee on July 1st, 2024.

Screenshot of twins dancing in a corner of a room.

The spread of the white tube top girl’s meme-ification

Faith Marie was dubbed white tube top girl by viewers, who then flipped the idea and turned her into a meme of their idealized selves.

TikToker @ydcni jokingly posted a video of herself on July 6th, 2024 where she is wearing a white tube top just like Faith Marie and half-heartedly doing the choreography to the song, seemingly to make fun of the White Tube Top Girl’s dance moves.

In the text overlay, she wrote, “Why is everyone talking about me?” Her video has been viewed over 5.9 million times and liked 22.8 times — not too shabby, but also nowhere near as high as Faith Marie.

@ydcni #whitetubetop ♬ hot to go x magic johnson – cydcpam

Other TikTokers were confused by the trend, as there were more women (like @ydcni) who sported white tube tops to match Faith Marie’s original video. One person, @julianne_main posted a TikTok of her wearing what one would assume was her closest ‘fit to the original, with a white maxi skirt and jean tube top.

She wrote in her overlay, “I’m confused abt white tube top girl like I’ve seen 3 different girls in a white tube top idk which one we are hyping.” Her confused video amassed 12.1 million views, and was quite likely the reason why the idea of her spread on the social media platform.

Screenshot of a woman dancing with text overlay that reads, 'i'm confused about white tube top girl like ive seen 3 different girls in a white tube top idk which one we are hyping.'

TikTok trend examples

Many women posted about wanting to look like White Tube Top Girl, wondering what her workout routine is, or commenting about their own body sizes. A shame, given that all the women shown in these videos are beautiful in their own rights!

Screenshot of a woman eating french fries in a car. Text overlay reads, 'Me watching the video of that girl in the white tube top wishing my waist was that small while stuffing my face with some mcdonals fries.'
Screenshot of a woman in a white tube top and jean shorts. Text overlay reads, 'Me asf cus I'm trying to be built like the white tube top girl.'
Video screenshot of a woman with text overlay saying, 'Does anyone else have reverse body dysmorphia like I think I look so hot and skinny like I thought 'My waist isn't that much bigger than white tube top girl's' WHO'S GONNA TELL HER (me)'

Faith Marie did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok direct message.

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