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Why is the ‘it is so hot outside’ girl going viral?

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The “it’s so hot outside” girl is a popular TikToker and OnlyFans model who posted a suggestive video about the heat that took off on Twitter. The creator’s real name is Imogen Lucie and she goes by yourstrawberryflame on TikTok. She has nearly one million followers there and over a million on Instagram.

redhaired girl in a sundress oiled up saying 'it is so hot outside'
@mikeyisbrown/ via @yourstrawberryflame/TikTok

The particular clip being used as a meme right now is hard to find in her massive catalog of sexy videos. But it looks a whole lot like this one where she pretends to be drenched and sweating after some time in the heat. Actually, she is greased up like a Christmas ham, but it has a very convincing practical effect.


♬ original sound – yourstrawberryflame

Imogen has a few of these types of videos because she knows what works well for her on the algorithm. That particular TikTok, for example, has over 10 million views. And we can all see why.

The woman has a beautiful bod and an extensive collection of sundresses. She also favors running in the street with no bra videos and flopping onto a bed backward with no bra videos. No bra is extremely key to her brand. Also being a redhead, based on the comments from her fans.


♬ original sound – 💋.

And more power to her. She’s put in her 10,000 hours of chesting breastily online and it is finally paying off with meme status.

How is the ‘it is so hot outside girl’ meme used?

In the clip being circulated on Twitter, Imogen pretends to get into her car, closing the door with a little body-shaking jostle while wearing a low-cut sundress and covered all over with baby oil. She says to the camera, “Oh my god. It is so hot outside. I cannot wait to get this air conditioning on.”

Then, she forces her surprisingly reluctant seatbelt on, shoving it in between her boobs. Safety first.

The it is so hot outside girl meme took off, perhaps because she is an undeniably attractive lady, but more because it happened to start circulating amid a massive heat wave. She’s relatable! Haven’t we all gotten into a car, dripping in “sweat” and longing to blast the A/C? Most of us don’t look so good in a peasant blouse, but still. Very understandable.

However, some people openly admit that the memes are unnecessary. Just looking at Imogen’s glistening form is enough. We don’t need the jokes.

Once again, good for her.

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