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Frog Butt, aka Phrog Butt IRL: An icon

A look at the rise of everyone’s favorite amphibious posterior. 


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Frog Butt, or Phrog Butt IRL, is a meme centered around a photograph of the oddly tiny-yet-voluptuous posterior of an amphibian. 

The strangely fascinating image has baffled and inspired the internet for the past few years. Frog butt is mysterious in its origins, but endlessly rewarding visually. 

Image of the Frog Butt meme, as posted by Marron Chestnut on Instagram.
Instagram/Marron Chestnut

Frog Butt origins 

Frog butt, as we know it today, first appeared on the internet on May 9, 2021, when apparent aquarium owner @marron.chestnut777 posted the photo in question. 

From Butt original Instagram post on Marron Chestnut's Instagram.
Instagram/Marron Chestnut

Many users commented on the butt, with @marron.chestnut777 mentioning that they’ve captured a rare angle on this rain frog, noting that it possessed a “peach butt” (but in Japanese). Other posts have indicated that the frog’s name is Marron

The page features an extensive collection of fish, lizards, and frogs, with posts largely in Japanese. However, the frog bum is its most notable claim to fame, even going so far as to make the page’s avatar the butt itself. 

Frog Butt spread

On May 12, 2021, Twitter/X user @@brusseIsproutz posted the photo with the caption, “frog buttcheeks have sent me spiraling. The post received 23K reposts and 145K likes and a legend was born. 

A couple of days later back on IG, Chestnut posted a video of everyone’s favorite frog butt in action!

The spread continued on Reddit in the group r/MadeMeSmile, where it was posted by user summerpeachsos. The amphibious posterior inspired some stark reactions: 

User TooHigh2Die420 wrote, “I first thought it was an old baked potato…” to which user Captain_Clark responded, “Did you never have your potato just get up and walk away? Well, it looks like this just before they do.”

User Fraggle7 wrote, “Didn’t make me smile it actually made me choke on my drink haha.” 

User Disastrous-Bit-5828 quickly pointed out the resemblance between the frog’s cheeks and those of “King of the Hill”’s Hank Hill, who the show established had a very tiny bottom. 

Frog Butt meme side-by-side with Hank Hill's butt.
Instagram/Marron Chestnut/20th Century Television

The truth about Frog Butt 

As the image spread, it gained the monicker “phrog butt IRL.” However, according to Snopes, the image is not of a frog’s butt at all, but a cloaca, which is “a short simple tube receiving at its inner end the genital and urinary ducts, the rectum, and the allantoic bladder.” The more you know! 

The little frog and his little butt has inspired many across the internet to create artistic tributes, including ample merch

Phrog Butt IRL memes

The frog butt image with a speedo added, as created by X user @yesssadrianna.

frog butt or phrog butt irl meme

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