The intersection of the internet and the state.

Taliban and NATO take the fight to Twitter
In a bizarre spectacle, the Afghani Taliban and NATO take "uncharacteristically provocative" trash talk to Twitter.
Watching for the attack
Obama's new poltical site is trending on Twitter, but it's not clear if that's a good thing.
Anonymous to Twitter: We come in peace
Tired of inane tweets, members of an activist hacker collective have created a tool for inserting their own point of view into popular chatter on Twitter.
Anonymous urges you to clean your tweets
The hacking group Anonymous releases a tool they say will make Twitter a better place. 
Another media organization is hacked
Hackers have struck again, this time taking over NBC News' Twitter account.
447 billion dollars, and almost as many reactions
Keeping tabs on responses to the president's speech on jobs could make for full-time work.
One-quarter of American adults avoid social networks
Time, security, and privacy are among the top reasons one quarter of American adults cite for shunning social networks in the age of Facebook.
GOP debate is target-rich lampoon fodder
If you expected to see an intellectual discussion on Twitter during tonight’s Republican presidential debate, you were sorely disappointed.
Security flaw leaves hotel safe virtually unlocked
A new video explains why you're at risk of coming back to zero when you rely on a hotel safe.
A new view of Twitter, Facebook role in Arab Spring
The impact of social media on Arab spring has been debated since protests began but, new research finds it may not have been the lynchpin.
Starbucks CEO pledging political donation freeze
A campaign to convince corporate titans to withhold campaign contributions led by Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, is getting a big push from online watchers, as well as igniting the very partisan debates it hopes to quell.
Poking fun at Paul, Reddit jabs its own
Moderators of a 50,000 strong community on Reddit pulled off a dramatic work of political satire earlier today poking fun at the site’s fascination with conservative presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul.
Santorum’s remarks fall flat in argument with student
A Q&A session at Penn State goes a bit off the rails for presidential hopeful Rick Santorum when one student challenges his position on gay marriage.
Online complaints that hit the White House
The right of the people to petition the government for redress of grievances now has a website.
Facebook offers bounty to hackers
In a move controversial with many users, Facebook is offering a "bug bounty" to any hacker who finds a security issue and reports it.
Political fighting words
When Rush Limbaugh accuses President Obama of faking his bus tour, a war of words erupts on Twitter.
In the age of Anonymous, who’s trolling whom?
It's the age of too much information about everyone from Sinéad O'Connor to the lowliest user of Reddit. How should we react?
How Hollywood Leaks hacks the media
After causing havoc during the MTV's big award show, the hacker gang is going after magazine publishers, country singers, movie directors, and more.