This compilation turns clips of screaming ‘Karens’ into the soundtrack of a zombie apocalypse

Welcome to 2020.

Aug 28, 2020, 3:20 pm

Internet Culture


Onaje McDowelle

If this year’s influx of “Karen” clips weren’t enough to drive anyone practically up the wall, then this compilation should do the trick.

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The video, created by Neverthink, showcases the dawn of the "zombie Karens," using some of the most popular Karen clips of recent memory as comedic bait by exchanging their originally obnoxious audios for screaming zombie FX.

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Featuring an eclectic selection of "zombie Karens" run-ins, from forest freakouts to rabid window lickers, the compilation turns each fit of audible rage into its own not-so-ambient white noise. It's not unlike the '80s synth pop Karen song from earlier this month.

The 30-second compilation also, oddly, includes a woman acting out a scene in a Barnes & Noble several years ago, in which she continuously references the novelist at the center of Stephen King's Misery. So not all of the six women featured are real "Karens," but this video does a good job summing up 2020.

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*First Published: Aug 28, 2020, 3:20 pm